Monday, November 14, 2016

Interview: NFLer, Author and Big Bro Geoff Schwartz

There are a lot of interesting stories coming out of the Jewish sports world this year. Team Israel in baseball, Shawn Dawson's climb to a potential NBA career, and Josh Rosen's stock at UCLA. But one of the coolest stories is the Schwartz Brothers' (Geoff and Mitchell) releasing of their book "Eat My Schwartz." Today we interview the incomparable Geoff Schwartz whose outspoken social media presence is growing. Today we get to the bottom of the older brothers story.

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1) Tell TGR a little bit about yourself?
I'm an 8 year NFL offensive lineman just waiting for work. Got a wonderful wife and two little kiddos who are everything. I am one half of the only pair of Jewish brothers to play in the NFL since 1923. I love sports and you can catch all my thoughts on my social media account @geoffschwartz

2) Both you and your brother are NFL Lineman. Who was tougher as a kid?

I'm not sure who exactly was tougher but I was always bigger than him before college. So I guess by default it was me.

3) What was your Jewish upbringing like?
My Jewish upbringing helped shape who I am today. I went to Hebrew school 2/3x a week and got my Bar Mitzvah. I also attended Hebrew High School after my Bar Mitzvah.

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4) Do Jewish NFL players/athletes ever bond over their Jewisness? Is there a nod to Julian Edleman or a fist bump from Nate Ebner?
No I can't say there has ever been that on the field. I know who the Jewish players are but we have never discussed it on the field.

5) What led to you two writing the book? What are your goals surrounding it?
When we found out that fact that we were the first Jewish brothers in the NFL since 1923, we reflected on our path to the NFL. And it's such a unique journey we thought people would enjoy reading and learning about it. We aren't the stereotypical football family.

6) Where can people pick up a copy?

It is on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

7) You have been a little bit of a stable journeyman. Best quarterback you blocked for? Best running back? Best lineman you played beside?
Best QB, Eli Manning. Best RB is tough. I've blocked for Deangelo Williams, Jon Stewart, Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles. I've been lucky. Best lineman are Jordan Gross and Ryan Kali.

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