Sunday, January 4, 2015

Terrell Suggs-berg?

Last night I got a text during the Ravens-Steelers game from my sister asking if Terrell Suggs was Jewish. Terrell Suggs? Is it possible?

We have gotten many emails about players in the past like Clayton Kershaw, David Eckstein, and of course Amare Stoudamire. But could one of the greatest pass rushers of the modern day have a Jewish parent?

Suggs has a Star of David tattooed on his arm. See the video below:

Suggs has gone on record saying he is half Jewish. Oddly enough we believe this to be his mother's side, although we do not have proof. Unfortunately, Suggs has also explained he is a Jew of Jesus which is outside the bounds of Judaism.

Here is Suggs explaining more to TMZ.

So what is our best guess? I believe with the various reports read, Suggs is NOT Jewish but has a connection to Judaism. Amare is a passionate practicing Jew even if not by Jewish law, Jewish. So Suggs is in his own category...just like on the field.

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