Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 10 Jewish NFL Stories of 2013

Before each season we try to run a Top 10 list of stories to watch out for in the upcoming season. The 2013 NFL season is an interesting one with various stories to keep an eye. We are excited to have a Jewish NFL Head Coach back in the ranks and hope some of our players hold down their positions. Here is what to look for in the coming NFL season (note: very little will effect your fantasy drafts).


10) Jeff Lurie and Reily Cooper
Two days ago this was not a story, but after Reily Cooper (non-Jewish Eagles WR) ran his mouth, owner Lurie will have to evaluate his position. This has put the owner in the spotlight and we should keep an eye on how he continues to manage the situation.

9) Will a Young Guy Catch On
At the end of last season Alex Hoffman-Ellis caught on with the 49ers, although he did not play. And Alex Gottlieb was one of the last guys cut from the Lions. This year Hoffman-Ellis has a better shot to see the field and Gottlieb will try to catch on with the Cardinals. Hopefully, they are on a roster this season making plays. Also, still hoping Sam Schwartzstein finds a NFL home.

8) Can Any Former Player Make a Comeback
Sage Rosenfels has officially retired. However there are few players who have caught on in recent years and might still be looking for a shot. Greg Camarillo, Kyle Kosier, Adam Goldberg and Igor Olshanky are all potential pickups.

7) Backups to Starters
This year Taylor Mays and Geoff Schwartz have a chance to start. Will they seize the opportunity? Mays is in the best place of his career with a legitimate chance and Schwartz is optimistic about his move to Kansas City.

6) Julian Edelman a Real WR?
Just coming back from injury (Click HERE) Edelman could grab the spotlight in New England. Its well noted that the Patriots are without several of their top WR and TEs (for various reasons) this year. Edelman has played Offense, Defense, and Special Teams but hopefully this year the Pats figure out how to best use him.

5) Will Adam Podlesh Keep His Job
Podlesh, who has been a fairly reliable punter, has been challenged by the Bears this offseason with some competition. Hopefully, Podlesh will hold his own.

4) Antonio Garay is a JET
Garay can be known for his crazy, yet legal, antics off the field (Google his hairstyles). With the Jets he gets a chance to remain consistent, which has been a problem. He has shown signs how life, hopefully this year it is for an entire season.


3) Will the Weather Help Gabe Carimi
Carimi had trouble adjusting to life as a Bear and staying healthy. A new start in Tampa Bay for this one time 1st round pick could be hit or miss. We are hoping hit! Go gett'em Gabe.

2) Mitchell Schwartz a Pro Bowler
Schwartz has been a very good NFL player thus far. His running back Trent Richardson should have another great year. Is this finally the year the Jews have a Pro Bowler?


1) From Halas to Trestman
Lovie Smith and the defense minded Bears gone. In comes Marc Trestman the QB specialist. Trestman has a lot to prove on the NFL level and has some quality tools to work with. Can Trestman handle the pressure and switch to the NFL? Lets hope so. Good luck.

And Let Us Say...Amen.

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