Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jewish Baseball Headlines

Jewish NBA Update

Some news out of the NBA. Most notably, Jordan Farmar is trying to make a come back with, who else, the Los Angeles Lakers. Farmar has been in Turkey for the year, playing in 29 games, avergaing nearly 14 ppg, 4 rpg, and 4 apg. Read more HERE.

Former Pistons coach Lawrence Frank has been in the news as a potential fit in Charlotte (HERE) and because of his support for Jason Collins (HERE).

HERE is a list of NBA Free Agents for this upcoming off-season and the following season. Most notably Omri Casspi is a restricted free agent for the Cavs. The list also includes many players who formerly played in Israel including Roger Mason Jr., Will Bynum, Jeremy Tyler, Jeremy Pargo, and Alan Anderson.

Finally, Adam Silver is getting ready to replace David Stern. Click HERE for more.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Jewish Sports Moms

As a tribute to Mother's day here are some famous female athletes who also work hard as mothers.

Dara Torres - This USA Olympian swimmer has four Gold, four Silver, and four Bronze medals around her neck. She is also a mother to Tessa Grace. Click HERE for her story.

Nancy Lieberman - Former USA basketball star and coach, she has a son T. J Cline who is making headlines of his own. Check out THIS ARTICLE.

Kerri Strug - A gymnast who stole the hearts of Americans in the 1996 Olympics is also the mother to Tyler William. HERE is a nice read.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Fall of JewBall

Around the country Jewish basketball is growing rapidly, with tournaments, the Maccabi games and even websites like Jewish Hoops America and Jewish Coaches. But while high school and even the college ranks continue to grow, the last few years in the NBA that brought us hope have quickly evaporated.

A few years back there was a resurgence of Jewish NBA talks. First was the emergence of Omri Casspi, the first Israeli born player to play in the NBA. Right behind him was Lior Eliyahu, who had been drafted earlier and now his rights traded in hope to land on a roster. Graduating from college were NCAA champion Jon Scheyer and Virginia standout Sylven Landesberg, both who were promising second round (potential first round) picks. David Stern stood atop the NBA totem pole as the commissioner. Lawrence Frank was given a second chance as a head coach in Detroit and Larry Brown was with the Bobcats. Plus we had a bona fide player with staying power in Jordan Farmar. We had several NBA players who had gone to Israel to play and many college stars heading to Israel to hone their skills. And who could forget Amare Stoudemire's pursuit of his Jewish heritage and Lebron James' meeting with a rabbi. All of this is in a tight 2 1/2 year window.

Since then much of this has crashed. Both Brown and Frank are gone from the NBA coaching scene and Stern will be stepping down very soon. Farmar has landed in Turkey after a tough run with the Nets and Eliyahu never made a roster. After not being drafted, while Landesberg has moved up to Maccabi Tel Aviv, he has yet to get more than a summer league spot on an NBA roster. Anthony Parker, the player who benefited most by coming to Israel to play, has retired. Scheyer has given up his effort to play at the top level and recently joined the Duke coaching staff. And of course, Stoudemire is not Jewish and Lebron never converted.

This leaves us with Omri Casspi, Israel's golden boy, who in his rookie year took the league by storm and looked to be an elite athlete. Now Casspi, limited in minutes and productivity, has been rumored in trades once again and worse the idea of going back to Israel. While Israel might be the best option for his career, it would certainly hurt Jewish basketball as a whole with no player in the NBA for Jews to rally behind. The only other option is the potential of Davidson's Jake Cohen, who will have to prove himself over the next few months so a NBA team uses a pick on him. Realistically, Casspi's stay in the NBA is important, not something calculated by minutes, but with hope for Jewish ballers everywhere.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scheyer Back to Duke

After a few years of injuries and lack of playing time, Jon Scheyer is headed back to Duke as a coach under Mike Krzyzewski. As fans we are disappointed that Scheyer's career never made it to the next level but we are excited to follow his coaching career unfold. To read more click HERE.