Monday, March 18, 2013

NCAA Watch

Here is a list of some (maybe all) of the Jewish Ballers and Coaches in the NCAA Tournament

Josh Bartelstein - G - Michigan - Senior
Jake Cohen - F - Davidson -  Senior
Andrew Goldstein - G - Ohio State - Junior 
Nate Lubick - F - Georgetown - Junior

Harris Adler (La Salle Explorers Ass. Basketball)    
Jason Donnelly (Villanova Wilcats Ass. Basketball)
Scott Garson (UCLA Bruins Ass. Basketball)
Scott Greenman (Georgetown Ass. Basketball)
Greg Gottlieb (California Bears Ass. Basketball)
Darren Hertz (Florida Gators Director of Basketball Operations)
Yanni Hufnagal (Harvard Crimson Ass. Basketball)
Josh Pastner (Memphis Tigers Head Basketball)

The key (Jewish) storylines of the tournament:

Can Pastner continue to make a name for himself?

Will this be Hufnagel's last hoorah as an assistant at Harvard? Will he become a head coach next year?

Will Jake Cohen stock rise enough to give him a shot at the NBA?

Can Nate Lubick get noticed on a national level? 

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