Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sibling Rabbis Pick Sibling Super Bowl

We were looking for a Jewish angle to the Super Bowl (besides Art Modell). Since its the Har-Bowl, we thought we'd poll some rabbis who have relatives in the rabbinate. Here are their picks. 

Brothers Rabbis Avi and Jesse Olitzky
Avi: The Niners because the ravens embarrassed the Giants in the Super Bowl in 2001.
Jesse: I gotta support the Ravens because as an Os fan, I got to rep Baltimore. Plus I grew up five minutes from Rutgers and Ray Rice is the biggest name to ever come out of RU.

Brothers-in-Law Rabbis Yoni Warren and Hillel Skolnik (and his wife Rabbi Sharon Barr Skolnik)
Yoni: Baltimore! Like that's really a question...but the real answer: the gematriya for Baltimore is 297... the same for armon - as in a palace or fortress...Who's house?  Ray's house.
Hillel: I'm going 49ers as I root for whatever team Ray Lewis is playing against.

Father/Son Rabbis Alan and Ari Lucas

Ari: Neither me nor my father really has a stake in this game - we're both Jets fans. I guess we could play up the East vs. West angle - I'm in CA, so I'll take the Niners; my Abba is in NY so he'll take the Ravens. When I mentioned this possibility to him, he reminded me that Art Model z'l was the brother of a past president of his shul, Bernie Bloom z"l. 

Husband and Wife Rabbis Marc and Rachel Blatt
Marc: I think the 49ers will win, with Kaepernick being the x-factor, seeing as the teams being just about equal on defense.
Rachel: Mom and Dad Harbaugh have already won, having 2 sons in the Superbowl.

I guess rabbis, even related have various opinions. Who knew?
And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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