Sunday, January 27, 2013

Edelman Jewish Update

For years now other Jewish sports writers have been objecting to my inclusion of Julian Edelman to the list of Jewish NFLers. Not because he is not Halahkically Jewish (which he is not) but because he doesn't consider himself Jewish or Jewish enough. While my own views of Jewish heritage aside, has always included stories on Halahkically Jewish Jews, Patrilineal decent Jews, and stories stemming from Israel or with Jewish themes. In 2009, I spoke with Julian Edelman's college roommate at Kent State, who confirmed Edelman's father is Jewish and Edelman considered himself Jewish (or at least half Jewish).

Recently I have been spending more time on Twitter (@TheGreatRabbino). I came across this photo below, twitted from Edelman himself to ESPN's Linda Cohn.

Not only is this from Edelman to Cohn (looking like Edelman lights Hanukkah candles) but he has another huge Hanukkiyah picture on his phone. Rarely, do you find full out non-Jews taking pictures of Haukkiyahs, tweeting them, then send to their Jewish friends Happy Hanukkah, and then the recipient tweeting same to you.

Proof is in the lights.

My verdict. Edelman still part Jewish.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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