Sunday, December 22, 2013

Youkilis to Japan

Lots of rumors circulated around Kevin Youkilis' future. But we can put all our thoughts aside as Youkilis is taking his talents to...Japan? That is correct. Youkilis, former Red Sox, White Sox, and Yankee has signed with the Rakuten Golden Eagles. Youkilis will make an estimated $4 million with another possible $1 million in incentives. Youkilis sees this as a once in a lifetime experience.

Best of luck to one of the all time great Jewish ball players.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Offseason Baseball News

While it seems that Detroit would be a perfect landing place for Ian Kinsler with a real shot at winning a title (not that he didn't have that with the Rangers), Kinsler seems to be dispensable. Lets hope he is stable and not the eventual Rudy Gay of the MLB. HERE is the article. Ryan Lavarnway is also in the mix for trade rumors. Click HERE  And Danny Valencia to the Marlins?

Ryan Kalish, the once sought after hot shot minor leaguer turned often injured minor leaguer, is looking for the restart button. He has moved from Fenway to Wrigley hoping to make the team. Should be some room for him while reuniting with Theo Epstein. Read more HERE.

Kevin Youkilis, the former Red Sox, White Sox, and Yankee is looking to make a move preferably to the West Coast near his home. Click HERE to read.

Ryan Braun is ready to move passed the scandal and play baseball. He got married in the offseason and is being supported by the Brewers ownership. Read HERE.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kinsler To Tigers For Prince

Wednesday the Texas Rangers shipped TGR Sandy Koufax Award Winner Ian Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for Prince Fielder. Kinsler will join new Jewish manager Brad Ausmus as the Tigers search for 8 more to make minyan. Good luck to Kinsler (except when he plays the White Sox). Read more HERE.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NCAA 2013 - Who is a Jew?

The NCAA BBall season has begun (watching a close MSU/Kentucky game right now). Below in BLUE you will find the players we had found that are your Jewish ballers to watch this season. We are on a search for more. The group in RED has a Jewish surname with the possibility of being Jewish (could be some we have missed). If you have any information that helps send it our way ( Are assumptions that most of the bottom names are NOT Jewish, but worth a crowd sourcing shot.

Ben Altit - C - Bryant -  Junior
Ben Carter - F - Oregon - Sophomore
TJ Cline - F - Niagara - Sophomore
Evan Conti - G - Quinnipiac - Junior
Josh Elbaum - G - Vermont - Senior
JoJo Fallas - G - Cornell - Freshman  
Andrew Goldstein - G - Ohio State - Senior

Jeremiah Kreisberg - F - Yale - Senior  
Noam Laish - G - Maine - Junior (Israeli)
Aaron Liberman - C - Northwestern - Sophomore  
Nate Lubick - F - Georgetown - Senior  
Alex Rosenberg - F - Columbia - Junior

Danny Rubin - G - Boston College - Senior
Noah Springwater - G - Columbia - Junior
Jacob Susskind - F - Maryland - Junior
Hen Tamir - F - Jackson State (Israeli)- Sophomore

Patrick Ackerman - Detroit
Tyler Alderman - Jacksonville

 Jared Bloom - IPFW
Josh Biber - Brown
Willie Cauley-Stein - Kentucky
 Danny Feldmann - Missouri
Ted Friedman - Northern Iowa
Theo Friedman - Oregon
Jeff Havenstein - Longwood
Gavin Hoffman - San Francisco
Michael Hoffman - Lafayette
Brian Hornstein - Florida Atlantic 
Jorden Kaufman - Oral Roberts
Mike Podolsky - Youngstown State
Nathan Scheer - Missouri State
Michael Schlotman - William & mary
Jamie Schneck - Hartford
Ryan Schultz - Kansas State
Corey Stern - Texas State San Marcos
Spencer Weisz -Princeton
Michael Weisner - Montana

Ausmus Tagged as New Tigers Manager

We know we are late to posting this (check twitter we acted quickly there) but awesome news! Former Jewish MLBer Brad Ausmus was tagged to replace Jim Leyland as the new manager of the Detroit Tigers. Ausmus inherits a mega lineup featuring Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera and Ace pitchers Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer (rumors circulating he might be traded). Mazel Tov to Ausmus! Now if only Lawrence Frank could get back into a head coaching spot we'd have one in all 3 major sports (Marc Trestman in the NFL).

Thursday, October 31, 2013

World Series Winners

Mazel Tov to Craig Breslow, Ryan Lavarnway, Ryan Kalish and the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series. Only Breslow was on the World Series roster but I believe Lavarnway will receive a ring as well for his time during the season. Kalish, did not appear this season for the BoSox. Breslow was the 24th Jewish ball player to play in the World Series.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 Jewish NBA Stories Going into the Season

Last year, honestly, we struggled to find Jewish stories as Omri Casspi declined and Jordan Farmar left for Turkey. Not this year! With both players back, one literally and the other mentally, its time to look at the top 10 stories going into this (Jewish) NBA season:

10) Raptor Drake
Rapper Drake has become the Toronto Raptors new ambassador. Will this bring Mo' Money or Mo' Problems?

9) 2 Former Israel League Players with a Shot
Two former Israel league players have new homes and could be crucial to championships. Roger Mason Jr. finds himself in Miami, where he hopes to solidify a confusing bench for the Heat. While Alan Anderson is in Brooklyn where he gives the Nets a solid threat off the bench at both guard slots. Either one could be wearing a ring at the end of the season.

8) Which Owner Gets the Ring?
This year there are several Jewish owners in the mix for a NBA Championship. Jerry Reinsdorf (Bulls) Micky Arison (Heat), Bruce Ratner (Nets), Leslie Alexandr (Rockets), and Donald Sterling (Clippers). Will one of these men be getting a new ring soon?

7) Bye-Bye Stern
David Stern is leaving. Besides turning the NBA into a cash cow, he developed both the NDBL and WNBA during his tenure and brought the NBA to Canada. His basketball legacy will forever to be great. What is next for Stern?

6) ShtarkTank
Mark Cuban...what will he do next? He has had trouble finding the star to replace Dirk, but is trying. We can all expect something from Cuban this year, the question is what?

5) Frank Back with Nets

Lawrence Frank is back on the Nets' bench, although with Jason Kidd ahead of him. Kidd will look to Frank for guidance, but its a perfect opportunity for Frank if Kidd falters (and yes we assume Kidd knows that). Frank has very successful at the beginning of his head coaching career in New Jersey. He will be the mastermind behind their defensive schemes.

4) Hello Silver

On February 1st 2014 Adam Silver will take over as NBA commissioner, a job that has been held by David Stern since 1984. Silver has his work cut out for him, as Stern took a lot of negative even though the NBA grew into a money making machine during his tenure. What does Silver's reign have in store? We will soon find out.

3) Farmer Where He Belongs
Jordan Farmar is back and back where he belongs in a Los Angeles Lakers jersey (I am really happy I bought that jersey 2 years ago). He was solid in Turkey, but now in a familar place and health, Farmar finds himself ready to contribute. The Lakers will be without Kobe Bryant for a while and Dwight Howard is gone, but Farmar's main role is to relieve Steve Nash and help keep the Lakers in the thick of things.

2) Casspi Fully Back
Omri Casspi has been at the bottom of the barrel over the last few seasons, both in a Kings and Cavs jersey. This year he joins the Houston Rockets and if preseason is any indication, Casspi fits right in. He has thus far had an out pour of scoring and his length, defense, and outside shooting will play perfectly with the drive and dish of James Harden and post-attention-double-teams of Dwight Howard. Casspi could cash in big time.

1) Welcome Gal Mekel
Gal Mekel is this year's number one story. Last year's Israeli standout for Maccabi Haifa is now in the NBA and trying to make the transition smoothly. He is the new Jew on the block and fans everywhere are just waiting to see how he develops. He is not a foreigner of the USA, as he played his college ball at Wichita State. Will Mekel make the Mavs? Will he play an important role? Will he develop into a star? We will be watching.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hanukkah Comes Early for BoSox

Craig Breslow was dominate in the Boston Red Sox closeout game vs. the Tampa Bay Rays. The Washington Post labeled the 2013 TGR Sandy Koufax Award Winner "the unsung hero" of game 4. Read more HERE. Breslow faced 6 batters, allowed 1 hit and struck out 4. Congrats of Craig Breslow for reaching the ALCS.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Freiman Off Playoff Roster

Nate Freiman who played a large role in the A's success all season has been left off their playoff roster due to continuing issues with an abdominal strain. Freiman could be back for the World Series if he progresses and the A's get that far. Refuah Shelaymah. Click HERE to read more.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

TGR MLB Awards

Congratulations to this year's TGR Award Winners.

Hank Greenberg Award: Ian Kinsler
This award is given out annually to baseball's best Jewish hitter. Kinsler hit .276 with 13 HRs and 30 doubles (to date). He also compiled 15 stolen bases for a Rangers team in the thick of the playoff hunt throughout the season. Ryan Braun has won the award the last 3 seasons and Kevin Youkilis was the inaugural winner. Honorable mentions: Josh Satin, Nate Freiman, and Ryan Braun.

Sandy Koufax Award: Craig Breslow
Breslow was 5-2 with a 1.94 ERA. He struck out 32 batters in 52 innings. This is Breslow's 3rd time winning the award (2nd in a row). Honorable mentions: Scott Feldman and Jason Marquis.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Interview: DraftStreet's Michael Kibort

Its Sunday and while I am at physically at Religious school teaching kids, myself and many of the parents are mentally (or actually) checking and securing their fantasy lineups. Its football season where really not much else matters unless your baseball team is still alive or you grew up in a college town. A while back I met a guy at Camp Ramah named Michael Kibort who was the Randy Moss jersey to my Brian Urlacher jersey. We have been friends ever since, although these days it usually through Facebook because Michael is living fantasy football. Here is an interview with a Minnesota kid living out the fantasy football reality. Enjoy and lock those lineups.

1) Tell TGR a little bit about yourself? My name is Michael Kibort, born and raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Went to school at UW-Madison, die-hard Vikings and Badgers fan, as bandwagon as it gets with the rest of MN sports. I’m single, decent looking, witty, charming, hysterically funny, and have an above average jumper. Also a life-long Jeremy Fine fan.

2) How did you get involved with DraftStreet? One of my closest friends, Mark Nerenberg, had the idea about 6-7 years ago. I didn’t hear it until mid-2009. He was an options trader at Citi, and I was running a retail/salvage business in Minneapolis. Neither of us were in love with our current paths. I knew the idea had legs, and knew exactly who to get involved from a business/tech perspective. Called my close friends from Wisconsin, Brian Schwartz and Jeremy Elbaum, to pitch them the idea. They were living in New York, working in digital media, and were perfect for this kind of project. A few months later, we’re incorporated. My fancy title is Chief Operating Officer.

3) What exactly is DraftStreet? DraftStreet is a fantasy sports website that offers daily and weekly cash leagues instead of picking your team for the entire season. This lets players compete almost instantly without the fatigue of a long season. Users draft a team of real world athletes and gain points based on the scoring rules on the site. In addition to traditional snake drafts, DraftStreet also has Salary Cap and Pick ‘em leagues to add additional variety to the product offering. Salary cap gives you a set budget to spend on your team (with each player given a value depending on how well they are expected to perform). Pick ‘em gives users the option to pick various players based on a tiered system, which is simpler for beginner players.

4) What makes DraftStreet different than its competition? DraftStreet prides itself on offering the largest variety for players, including three draft styles (Salary Cap, Pickem, Snake) and various leagues and games (survivor, daily/weekly, and championship events) for all major sports. Salary cap games are most popular, and our salaries are the most effective salaries for players. Our algorithms dictate salaries based on what the individual player is likely to produce during that scoring period. In addition to the product itself, our management team is the perfect mix of background/skills, really knowing what our customers are looking for from a user experience perspective. Essentially, what I’m saying, is that I put together one hell of a team.

5) Where do you have Julian Edelman on your draft board? I’m more of a Kenbrell Thompkins guy.
photo (8)

6) Favorite Ice Cream in Minnesota? EASY - Sebastian Joe’s Oreo.

7) What is next for DraftStreet? We are constantly focused on improving our product. This currently includes expanding and improving our mobile offering, adding new site features, game formats, and tools for our users. One of our main focuses, aside from increasing our marketing initiatives, is targeting DraftStreet to appeal to the casual fan.

8) Better fantasy value for next season; Ryan Braun, Ian Kinsler, or Nate Freiman? I’ll go with Braun.

9) Where can everyone find DraftStreet? Head over to We are running a promotion all season. You sign up for a free account, and are automatically entered into a 1 week fantasy football league with $1,000 in real cash prizes. On December 15th, we will be hosting our 2nd annual DraftStreet Fantasy Football Championship event in Las Vegas. First place for the Championship wins 1 Million Dollars! Here’s a link with information on the event and how to qualify:

Thank you to Michael and DraftStreet. Check them out and win that cash.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine