Friday, October 26, 2012

David Stern to Retire After 2014


In many ways David Stern transformed the game of basketball. But his era will end in 2014. He has had many critics, but regardless he has seen basketball grow into an international phenomenon and created a woman's league and men's developmental league. His legacy, to me, has been solidified. To read more click HERE.

TGR will have more on Stern in the future.

High School Sports in Full Swing

Jewish High School sports is in full swing.

Congrats to MTA for winning the Magen David Preseason Tournament. had the coverage. Read more HERE.

Chicagoland Jewish High School won their Volleyball regional. Thanks to Athletic Director Josh Gleicher for writing in. HERE is some coverage on the victory.

The Cooper Invitational is underway. Follow the tournament HERE.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Too Soon for Offseason Baseball Rumors?

Rumor mill is already stirring, and yes because there are no compelling stories left in the playoffs.

Kevin Youkilis will be a sought after free agent especially because he is a clubhouse guy. look for the White Sox to possibly go after him once they buyout this large contract.  Click HERE for more.

While Brad Ausmus wasn't tagged as the next head manager of the Boston Red Sox, apparently the organization was very impressed by him. Read more HERE.

Ian Kinsler on the move?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Temple of Aaron Passes the Pulpit to Coach Greenberg - Via

On Saturday morning around 10:45AM congregants at the Temple of Aaron in St. Paul might have noticed something a little different about their pulpit. Their rabbis passed the sermon this week to Maccabi Haifa head basketball coach Brad Greenberg.

Maccabi Haifa is in town to play the Minnesota Timberwolves this Tuesday night, October 16th, at 7:00PM. They came from the West Coast having just lost an exhibition game to the Golden State Warriors 108-100. Leading up to the game Coach Greenberg and the Maccabi Haifa team will be participating in community wide events, promoting Israel and their charity Haifa Hoops for Kids (helping underprivileged children in Israel access basketball and athletics).

Greenberg’s sermon was a big success. He got everyone talking and excited about the upcoming game. Greenberg himself has an interesting story on both the professional and collegiate basketball levels. Most recently Coach Greenberg was leading the Radford University Highlanders. Before that he was the General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers and was responsible for drafting Allen Iverson.

Greenberg shared a moving story about when he got let go by the 76ers and how it was a tough time in his life. As a member of Har Zion synagogue in Philadelphia, he deeply regretted not reaching out to then Rabbi Gerald Wolpe. He had fond memories of Rabbi Wolpe, specifically a sermon he gave about Kobe Bryant’s decision to forgo college and head to the NBA. Greenberg also talked his time in Israel, and his decision to move there in the first place. He has been grateful for the opportunity and the eye opening experience. He spoke about Israel’s tremendous strength and resilience day-to-day, and how his American friends are learning, through him, the incredible pride and happiness Israelis display for their country.

Temple of Aaron thanked Coach Greenberg with some parting gifts and told the coach that they would be bringing a nice constituency to the game Tuesday night. Good luck to Maccabi Haifa and Coach Greenberg this week and throughout the Israeli League Season! And Let Us Say…Amen.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tyler Comments on Time with Haifa


Warriors Top Maccabi Haifa 108-100

Maccabi Haifa stayed with the Golden State Warriors the entire game but came up short. Carl Landry and Harrison Barnes led the Warriors with 24 and 20 points respectively. Haifa's Donta Smith, former Atlanta Hawk, led all scorers with 28 points.

Haifa takes on the Timberwolves on Tuesday with another chance to upset a NBA team. It is believed that Ricky Rubio will sit out.

TGR Baseball Awards Handed Out

Normally, we open up the voting for our end of the year baseball awards. This year there were two no brainers.

Hank Greenberg Award - Ryan Braun

Braun, who has a great chance at back to back MVPs, had another stellar year even without Prince Fielder hitting behind him. Braun hit .319 BA with 41 HR and 112 RBIs.

Others considered included Ike Davis for his 32 HRs and Ian Kinsler.

Sandy Koufax Award - Craig Breslow

Breslow had a solid year out of the pen for both the Diamondbacks and Red Sox. He posted a 2.70 ERA and had a 61 to 22 strikeout to walk ratio.

Jason Marquis was also considered for his run with the Padres.

Braun is a 3 time winner of this award and Breslow is a 2 time winner.

Raisman Takes Home Top TGR Award

 In a TGR Fan poll 2012 Gold Medal Olympian Aly Raisman was voted 2012 Sportsman/Athlete of the Year. Raisman is the first female to when our biggest award. Congrats to her and thank you to everyone for voting.

Friday, October 5, 2012

End of the Year Baseball Stats: By

Position Player Team B.A. HR RBI OBP SLG
1 Ryan Braun (LF) Brewers .319 41 112 .391 .595
2 Ike Davis (1B) Mets .227 32 90 .308 .462
3 Sam Fuld (CF) Rays .255 0 5 .318 .327
4 Adam Greenberg (CF) Marlins .000 0 0 .000 .000
5 Ryan Kalish (CF) Red Sox .229 0 5 .272 .260
6 Ian Kinsler (2B) Rangers .256 19 72 .326 .423
7 Ryan Lavarnway (C) Red Sox .157 2 12 .211 .248
8 Joshua Satin (3B) Mets .000 0 0 .000 .000
9 Daniel Valencia (3B) Twins .198 2 17 .212 .310
10 Daniel Valencia (3B) Red Sox .188 3 21 .199 .299
11 Kevin Youkilis (3B) Red Sox .233 4 14 .315 .377
12 Kevin Youkilis (3B) White Sox .235 19 60 .336 .409

All Jews*
.248 122 408 N/A .431

Total MLB*
.258 4967 20008 N/A .412
*Excluding pitchers
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Pitcher Team W L ERA SV SO BB
13 Craig Breslow (P) Diamondbacks 2 0 2.70 0 42 13
14 Craig Breslow (P) Red Sox 1 0 2.70 0 19 9
15 Scott Feldman (P) Rangers 6 11 5.09 0 96 32
16 Jason Marquis (P) Twins 2 4 8.47 0 12 14
17 Jason Marquis (P) Padres 6 7 4.04 0 79 28
18 Michael Schwimer (P) Phillies 2 1 4.46 0 36 16

All Jews
19 23 4.64 0 284 112

Total MLB
2511 2525 4.00 1295 37929 15316

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Iverson NOT Playing For Maccabi Haifa

Rumors leaked through the JTA website are false. What once sounded like a great move to bring in attention (and talent), apparently Iverson will not be joining Brad Greenberg (who drafted him as a 76er) to Israel. Click HERE for more.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Greenberg Gets His AB

In the feel good story of the year, Adam Greenberg finally got his Major League At Bat with the Florida Marlins. Greenberg struck out against RA Dickey, but finally made it back to the majors. Congrats to Greenberg and of course shout out to the Marlins.

To read and see more click HERE.