Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heyman Backs CM Punk

I have note posted wrestling news in a while so here it goes. When Paul Heyman came back this year to the WWE I was underwhelmed by the crowd's reaction. I had chills loving how Heyman tells it like it is in a made for TV way. I feel he is always being honest and acting at the same time. But pairing him with Brock Lesner was anti-climatic for me. Heyman presents everything awesome about wrestling. Surprise endings, great story lines, and backing real talent.

WWE wanted to turn CM Punk heel over the last month and a half and have failed miserably. He receives cheers everywhere he goes. So Punk is in Chicago, his hometown which he celebrates and that loves him (only negative is that he is a Cubs fan). Again with no one booing the "bad guy" WWE finally got it right and has Punk enter a car with Heyman.

The pairing of these two makes wrestling awesome. Its fresh and intriguing. I cannot wait to see these two work together. Heyman made so many stars and Punk already has headlining status, so I can only imagine what these two are planning.Thank you WWE for this treat. Now if Punk can only get Colt Cabana along side him. Cabana and it.

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And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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