Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who You Following?

Head Houston Football Coach Tony Levine's mother is my new congregant. Wonderful lady. She told me Coach was on Twitter, so we are following him now. Below is a list of Jewish athletes, owners, and coaches on twitter. Feel free to add to the list. Of course you can follow @TheGreatRabbino.
Tony Levine - @CoachTonyLevine
Dan Gilbert - @CavsDan
Michael Schwimer - @MSchwimer
Yossi Benayoun - @YossiBenayoun15
Michael Wolf - @CoachMikeWolf
Tamir Goodman - @TamirGoodman
Antonio Garay - @AntonioGaray71
Raven - @TheRavenEffect
Yuri Foreman - @YForeman
Seth Greenberg - @SethonHoops
Sylven Landesberg - @SL15
Jon Scheyer - @JonScheyer
Craig Breslow - @CraigBreslow
Omri Casspi - @Casspi18
Bill Goldberg - @Goldberg
Colt Cabana - @ColtCabana
Mark Cuban - @MCuban

I suggest following Cabana and Cuban, they are great Tweeters.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

1 comment:

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