Monday, July 30, 2012

Other Jews in London

Jo Aleh - Sailing (New Zealand)
David Banks - Rowing (USA)
Josh Binstock - Beach Volleyball (Canada)
Nathan Cohen - Rowing (New Zealand)
Anthony Ervin - Swimming (USA)
Jessica Fox - Kayaking - Australia
Grant Goldschmidt - Beach Volleyball (South Africa) - Not Confirmed
Jason Lezak - Swimming (USA)
Timothy Morhouse - Fencing (USA)
Olesya Povh - Track and Field (UKR)
Aly Raisman - Gymnastics (USA)
Sean Rosenthal - Beach Volleyball (USA) - Not Confirmed
Steven Solomon - Track (Australia)
Vasyl Fedoryshyn - Wrestling (Ukraine)
Julie Zetlin - Rhythmic (USA)

Hope to learn about more.

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