Friday, June 1, 2012

TGR Update

First, we would like to wish TGR WISE Intern Elan Kane a Yasher Koach on his presentation yesterday. Elan has done a great job writing and reporting for us and he has a bright future in whatever he decides to do. He is always welcome to write for TGR.

Second, TGR is MOVING!!! Well, the blog will still be here but I will be moving from NYC to the great state of Minnesota to be the new Assistant Rabbi at Temple of Aaron in St. Paul MN. In honor of the move we will have a few Minnesota Jewish sports stories.

Third, we would like to announce our new relationship with which is a hip Jewish young professional blog based in Minnesota. Similar to, TCJewFolk tries to understand and engage the young Jewish world. They have already ran a story about me (Click HERE) and soon will be carrying stories from TGR. They will also be launching another feature called Pop Parsha where I discuss various movies through a Jewish perspective.

Finally, the blog itself has been going through some maintenance and will continue over the next few months. We hope this makes the blog easier to navigate and has more accurate/interesting information.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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  1. Congrats for your new adventures and bundle up out there.