Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Jewish NCAA Bracket

Over the last 3 years TGR has been giving you the Jewish NCAA Bracket. In the first year we brought you a winner. Duke and Cornell helped produce those results. Last year we were in the middle of the pack. We used various methods from Jewish numbering, players, and Hillel sizes. But this year we tried a different method. We reached out to four rabbis, each one has a connection to the tournament regions. Each region was decided by the individual rabbi and then TGR picked the Final Four matchups and Champion. Below is a brief reason each rabbi was chosen and below that are the brackets. This is hoping that 5 rabbis can summon God and help you with your bracket.

Rabbi Jeremy Yoskowitz - Duke Hillel Rabbi. Duke is the #2 seed in the South Region.
Rabbi Efrem Reis - Last time MSU won it, it had a lot to do with Flint. Rabbi Reis was born in Flint.
Rabbi Erez Sherman - Rabbi Sherman was raised in Syracuse and they are the #1 seed.
Rabbi Ari Kaiman - Rabbi Kaiman is a rabbi in St. Louis that serves as host of the MidWest Region.

SOUTH REGION - Rabbi Jeremy Yoskowitz
Round 1 - Kentucky, Iowa State, VCU, Indiana, Baylor, UNLV, Xavier, Duke
Round 2 - Kentucky, VCU, Baylor, Duke
Sweet Sixteen - Kentucky, Duke
Elite Eight - Kentucky

WEST REGION - Rabbi Efrem Reis
Round 1 - Michigan State, Memphis, New Mexico, Louisville, Colorado State, Marquette, Virginia, Missouri
Round 2 - Michigan State, Louisville, Marquette, Missouri
Sweet Sixteen - Michigan State, Marquette
Elite Eight - Michigan State

EAST - Rabbi Erez Sherman
Round 1 - Syracuse, Kansas st, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida Statw, West Virginia, Ohio State
Round 2 - Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Florida State, West Virginia
Sweet Sixteen - Syracuse, Florida State
Elite Eight - Syracuse


MIDWEST - Rabbi Ari Kaiman
Round 1 - North Carolina, Creighton, Temple, Ohio, San Diego State, Belmont, Saint Marys, Kansas
Round 2 - North Carolina, Temple, San Diego State, Kansas, 
Sweet Sixteen - North Carolina, Kansas
Elite Eight - North Carolina

FINAL FOUR - Rabbi Jeremy Fine

Given all #1 seeds (Thanks Rabbis for being creative) here are the TGR Picks

Michigan State over Kentucky
North Carolina over Syracuse

North Carolina over Michigan State

And Let Us Say...Amen (and Good Luck).
- Jeremy Fine

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