Monday, February 20, 2012

Top Ten MLB Stories Going Into 2012

Crazy to say but Spring Training is on deck. Last year saw the emergence of new Jewish ball players and most importantly MR. MVP Ryan Braun. But plenty of questions continue to swirl and TGR has decided to tackle them even before the season starts.

10) Minor Arms to Major Guns
Can both Michael Schwimer and Aaron Poreda make it back to the Major Leagues. Schwimer should eventually find his way onto the Phillies roster. But can Poreda, in his new Pirates uniform, find his way back to the bigs.

9) NY Infield
With Ike Davis healthy and Josh Satin being called up to the majors, can these two serve together as Met infielders? Health and opportunities, that is what these two need.

8) Feldman Back in Full
Scott Feldman made a comeback last year, enough to earn him the TGR Sandy Koufax Award. He showed signs of what made him so good a few years back, but this time out of the pen. What will 2012 hold for Feldman?

7) The Lavarnway
Yes Kelly Shoppach and Jarrod Saltalamacchia are higher on the depth chart, but is Lavarnway the Sax catcher of the future? I am excited to find out.

6) Kinsler the (Ball) Killer
Can Ian Kinsler continue to be one of the most valuable players in baseball. He runs, hits for power, hits for average, can hit in many spot in the lineup. He is a big reason the Rangers have been so successful the last two years. Can he, we are confident he will, be the great player he has been.

5) Super Sam Sighting
Last year Sam Fuld took baseball by storm. He was Chris Shelton hot. While his bat cooled down, his web gem highlight reel on ESPN did not. Can Fuld stay in the lineup just with his defense? Can the hot bat he swung at the beginning of last season find its way back with more longevity?

4) Boston Comebacks
Jewish fans (and Boston fans) want to know if Kevin Youkilis and Ryan Kalish can come back from their injuries. Obviously, Youk is more important to the Sawx success and Kalish has shown promise and without the moves we have grown to expect in Boston during the off-season, a healthy Kalish would be a welcomed addition.

3) Minnesota Marquis
Will a new team make Marquis the top tier pitcher the Nationals once paid him to be? Marquis will can a chance to help a team with who needs a consistent starter. He should be helped by the always defense first Twins.

2) Youngsters Ready to Grow
Will Satin, Davis, Lavarnway, Schwimer, Danny Valencia, and Paul Goldschmidt find their place in the the majors? Can they be significant players in the bigs?

1) Will Mr. MVP Become Mr. MVP*
The steroid buzz around Ryan Braun has one of the main MLB stories of the off-season. How will Braun handle it? Will he return in top shape? Will his protest reduce his 50 game suspension? He is a big reason the Jews have a renewed attention to baseball. We are rooting for him to come back strong.

Get ready for baseball season! And please, Adam Dunn hit the ball.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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  1. No mention of Danny Valencia, who spent most of last season as Ron Gadenhire's whipping boy?