Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top Jewish NBA Stories of 2012 (and a little of 2011)

Oh, how I missed you. I missed your dunks and dishes. I missed your poise and effort. I missed your improving skills and fearless leadership. I missed you Derrick Rose.

Anyone else as excited for the NBA? Well, its time to count down the Top 10 Jewish NBA Stories of 2012 (and a little of 2011).

10) Maccabi's Influence in the NBA
Now that Maccabi Tel Aviv is a powerhouse in Europe, will that mean more NBA players coming over from Israel. Regardless, if they are Jewish or not Israel has had an impact on the NBA and helped develop many players.

9) Lebron and Kobe at JCCs
I am not sure if this means anything for the Jewish people or for Jewish basketball, but maybe just maybe Lebron and Kobe bring more attention to the game. Maybe JCCs can becoming practice facilities for the NBA?

8) Will the People Follow Omri to Cleveland
With Omri Casspi being traded to Cleveland, will he see the same response and following from the Cleveland fans? Will Israeli flags be out at each game? Will he been seen eating at the Kosher Subway?

7) Arison and the Heat Need More
Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. Is there anyone else on that team. Arison will need to buy some more bodies to help the Big 3 help.

6) Amare Judaism
According to Jewish law Amare is not Jewish, but he has brought just as much attention to Judaism through basketball than maybe anyone else. What will his next step be? Will he open Jewish schools? Play with a kippah on? Not sure, but excited to see more.

5) Cuban to Assemble Repeat
The Mavs were great down the stretch and didn't even have Caron Butler. If Butler returns or if the Mavs make more deals, can they repeat? My vote is anyone but the Heat.

4) Frank Back on the Saddle
The Pistons have been down and out. Enter Lawrence Frank. Will that make a difference? Will they sign Tayshun Prince or start anew? Regardless, good luck to Frank its going to be an uphill battle.

3) Farmar's Success
Now that Farmar got to go over to Israel and show he can lead a team in all ways (scoring and passing) at a high level, will the Nets give him a chance? Can he get in with Deron Williams in the way? Farmar certainly has something to prove and some new found confidence to help him out.

2) Casspi's New Challenge
Casspi had a solid Rookie season, but faded last year. Some believe he was in Paul Westpaul's doghouse. Will a new scenery mean more minutes and opportunities. With the Cavs hoping to run with Kyrie Irving, this should benefit Casspi.
1) Stern Post Lockout
I think the most interesting story is what David Stern's role and image will be post lockout. How will he handle the new situation? What trouble will brew from a shorten season? Will the deal hold up?

Mark your calendars for December 25th, not because of Hanukkah or Christmas, because finally the NBA can restart. Who else is excited for a DRose crossover?

"I wanna go higher." - Stacey King

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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