Monday, October 17, 2011

7 Sports Ushpizin 2011

There is a tradition that we invite 7 Ushpizin (Guests) into our Sukkahs during Sukkot. I decided to look at the sports world and decide who I am inviting in.

Omri Casspi
It would be great to welcome Casspi into my Sukkah. Of course, I could work on my Hebrew while we enjoyed dinner in the Sukkah.

Barry Sanders
I would love nothing more than to have a conversation with Sanders to talk about his premature retirement and his career.

AJ Pierzynski
I am sure the most controversial man in baseball has plenty of stories to share.

Mark Cuban
We could talk NBA lockout and of course about his role on Entourage.

Mike Krzyzewski
Since John Wooden is no longer with us, Coach K is they guy and the best to shoot the breeze with about College BBall and hard work.

Michael Jordan
No question his is in the top two. Hanging out with MJ is every Chicago sports fan's dream.

Sandy Koufax
The most iconic Jewish athlete always has a permanent seat in my Sukkah.

Who would you invite?

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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  1. sandy koufax , hank greenberg, abe sapperstien , minnie minoso , dolph shayes ,
    ryan braun ,( is he really jewish) bill bradley
    You can tell I am on old south sider from chicago and was formerly a member of beth el. I got tired of them not embracing women and they got tired of me complaining . where are you from in chicago