Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Do You Do When You Lose Your Sports Job?

What do athletes do when they are done with sports?

A while back I read an article that during the NBA lockout Jon Calipari, who I am usually critical of, invited his former players back to school to continue their education. This time Capliari got it right. What an amazing thing to offer and just a brilliant idea.

What are the rest of the guys going to do? Some are playing exhibitions. Jordan Farmar is going to Israel and Omri Casspi is weighing his options. Others will join Farmar in Israel I am sure. Don't be surprised in Mark Cuban follows some of the guys out to Europe as well.

But what happens when you are fired like Bruce Pearl? Well, Pearl turned down the NDBL job which shocked me. Pearl is a phenomenal coach. He would have been great for the NDBL. But when coaches don't coach they do TV. Well, Pearl apparently has said no to that as well. Instead it looks like he will work in marketing. Read HERE for more. My hat is off to Pearl. By taking a step away from the game, he will learn more about himself and doing things the right way. It is inevitable that he will return to the sidelines and this time he will have a new perspective.

I have also been in touch with Ron Blomberg and Art Shamsky recently. Got me thinking about old timers who maybe did not make A-Rod type money. Those guys worked hard, played the game right, and now do different jobs  to make a living. They both work with the Jewish community, so if your synagogue or organization wants some great speakers and role models check out their websites and

I guess the point is, is that a sports career is complete ups and downs. Even if you make it, you are an injury/scandal away from losing it all. And even if that doesn't happen eventually it goes away (not everyone is Julio Franco).

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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