Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kipnis Has Left Us

Well, Jason Kipnis is still in the majors and in fact has a permanent roster spot with the trade of Orlando Cabrera. But.....and a BIG BUT. According to Jewish sports outlets everywhere Kipnis has abandoned his father's heritage and is now a practicing Roman Catholic. Like the other bloggers and writers I will stop following Kipnis for now (maybe if there is something relevant or if I can get a hold of him directly). He did once agree to do an interview with me but never responded with answers, so I am not 100% certain he is completely off the derekh. He will remain on our list (unlike others) we just won't dedicate time to him.

More info when I get some.


  1. This is a downer, especially if you were following his career from the minors. Doesn't sound too good, but I'd love to hear him respond directly to the rumors. I obviously don't have a problem with him identifying with his non-Jewish maternal ancestry, but it'd be a shame if he turned his back on his Jewish roots altogether.

  2. The Indians PR director confirmed he is a practiciing Roman Catholic. In game 3 of his MLB career he sported a large cross necklace.

    But Tribe fans such as myself can still take pride in his 4 home runs in consecutive games, and the streak is still alive!