Monday, August 8, 2011

How They Doin'

Here is the update on the current Jewish MLBers seasons. Thanks to for the stats!

Position Players

1) Ryan Braun (LF) Brewers-- .326BA, 21HR, 74RBI, .395OBP, .576SLG

2) Ike Davis (1B) Mets-- .302BA, 7HR, 25RBI, .383OBP, .543SLG (DL since 5/11)

3) Sam Fuld (CF) Rays-- .238BA, 3HR, 25RBI, .298OBP, .357SLG

4) Ian Kinsler (2B) Rangers-- .237BA, 16HR, 45RBI, .346OBP, .423SLG

5) Daniel Valencia (3B) Twins-- .244BA, 12HR, 58RBI, .290OBP, .384SLG

6) Kevin Youkilis (3B) Red Sox-- .270BA, 16HR, 76RBI, .383OBP, .487SLG

7) Craig Breslow (P) Athletics-- 0-2 W-L, 3.72ERA, 0 Saves, 34 Strikeouts, 15 Walks

8) Scott Feldman (P) Rangers-- 0-0 W-L, 2.84ERA, 0 Saves, 4 Strikeouts, 1 Walks, (off DL 7/22)

9) John Grabow (P) Cubs-- 2-0 W-L, 5.13ERA, 0 Saves, 29 Strikeouts, 24 Walks

10) Jason Marquis (P) Diamondbacks-- 0-1 W-L, 15.75ERA, 0 Saves, 1 Strikeouts, 1 Walks

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