Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear I Say, Irsay Looking for Favre?

The rumors, like every summer, are swirling around Brett Favre once again. This time because Colts' Jewish (Father) owner Jim Irsay tweeted "Brad, I'm in Hattiesburg ... is it right or left at the Firechief?" Hattiesburg is Favre's residential city, where he has been "hibernating."

This scenario is not so outrageous for two reasons. The first is the obvious. Favre has trouble staying away. This situation would be perfect. A solid team. Great receiver around him. The second reason is because the Colts seem to need a backup/on-loan quarterback. With Peyton Manning's neck injury still being an issue, the Colts need someone to come in, lead, and be a veteran. Favre is the perfect fit. Yes, he is old. But they don't need a full season. Just a few games to hold over until the best quarterback in the game is ready to go.

Favre might also put a little life back into the Colts who have not been as dominate recently. Favre's presence might drive the team and Manning to get back to Championship form.

The only negative is that the Colts don't see the Packers...unless its in the Super Bowl....I'd for sure watch that.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine

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