Monday, February 28, 2011

Articles to Keep You Busy

Here and there I like to post a bunch of article to keep people busy or when I have a lot to post. So, here are some good and interesting reads.

Iran Might BoyCott the Olympics

Support of Pearl

Denver Jewish Day School's Game Moved

Madoff Messed With The Mets?

Marquis Fitting In

Greenberg for ACC Coach of the Year

First Full Day of Spring Training Ball

Farmar Hurt

Casspi Becoming a Hero

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hokies Knock Off #1 Duke

Congrats to Coach Seth Greenberg of the Virginia Tech Hokies for knocking off #1 Duke. Looks like the Hokies should have solidified a spot in the NCAA tournament.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hillel Basketball Tournament

I actually pitched this idea about 10 years ago to Richard Joel (just using the Big Ten). I am glad that someone at Maryland had the smarts to really dream it up and make it happen. Sounds like a lot of fun and a great national Hillel program.

Check it out HERE.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wittels Comes Up Short

A little while back we posted a story about the 10 ten MLB stories going into the year. The number one question, about Garrett Wittels, has come to an end. Wittels' streak ended at 56 games. The Florida International shortstop went 0 for 4 against Southeastern Louisiana on Friday night, leaving him two games shy of matching Robin Ventura's 58–game Division I record set in 1987.

Southern Louisiana won the game 10-2. Wittels hit a sharp grounder in the 8th but the 3rd baseman made a diving grab.

I still stand by it being this year's top story.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scheyer Making a Come Back

Reported by

MCALLEN, TEXAS – The defending NBA Development League champion Rio Grande Valley Vipers announced Thursday that they have acquired guard Jon Scheyer (6-5, 190, Duke), who was a part of Duke University’s 2010 NCAA Championship team.

During a four-year collegiate career, Scheyer averaged 14.4 points, 3.6 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 1.4 steals in 144 games. He had his best season as a senior during the championship run, averaging 18.2 points, 3.6 rebounds, 4.9 assists and 1.6 steals in 40 games.

The Northbrook, Illinois-native scored 15 points with six rebounds, five assists, one steal and two blocks in the 61-59 championship game win over Butler University on April 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“We look forward to Jon’s arrival in the Rio Grande Valley. He is an accomplished young player and a good fit for our system. In addition, it will be rewarding to evaluate him up close in our environment,” said Vipers General Manager Gersson Rosas, who is also the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Houston Rockets.

Scheyer took part in the 2010 NBA Summer League in Las Vegas with the Miami Heat, scoring 11 points with five rebounds, three assists and two steals in his debut against the New Orleans Hornets on July 11. Two days later, though, in a game against the Golden State Warriors, Scheyer was poked in the right eye, suffering optic nerve damage as well as a tear in the retina.

The 23-year old went to NBA Training Camp with the Los Angeles Clippers, recording one assist while missing all four of his shot attempts in 19 minutes over the course of two games.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jewish Predictions For the Upcoming MLB Season

I can feel the excitement in the air. The feeling of another miserable season for the North Siders, especially with the great news of Ryane Sandberg being betrayed. And my White Sox looking solid, just waiting for Jake Peavy to return and for Adam Dunn to hit 50 homers. But there is plenty of baseball to be played (actually an entire season). There will most likely be a new World Champion. Records to be broken. Hot dogs to be eaten. Stadiums to visit. And betting to begin. TGR has decided to give you the Jewish picks for the upcoming 2011 MLB Season.
AL Central:
Let us start with my division, the home of the Chicago White Sox. Of course, I am picking my Sox. How are they Jewish...seriously, Jerry Reinsdorf the owner. He has 7 championships between the Sox and Bulls and this could be another ring type season. Danny Valencia and company will keep the Twins close as usual. The emergence of Jason Kipnis and Jason Knapps might come up through the far system and be a boost for the Indians. The Tigers and (definitely) the Royals to not factor in. The TGR Jewish prediction: White Sox, Twins, Indians, Tigers, Royals.

AL East:
Seriously? The Yankees added the White Sox bench players (Garcia, Jones, and Colon). While the Red Sox added Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez. Which is great news for Theo Epstein. Well done. Ryan Kalish will also hopefully get a real shot. The Orioles didn't do much on the Jewish front but I had to mention them or Rabbi Jesse Olitzky would get upset. The Rays added Sam Fuld which indirectly might lift them into the playoff race. The Blue Jays remained Jew-less. The TGR Jewish prediction: Red Sox, Rays, Yankees, Blue Jays, Orioles.

AL West:
The Rangers are last year's AL Champs. The lost Vlad and added Beltre. Most importantly for our discussion Ian Kinsler (and Scott Feldman). The Angels might be on their way down and the As seem to be going in the other direction. Hopefully, for our sake the youth pays off and Craig Breslow continues to be the best Jewish pitcher in baseball. The Mariners are without any Jews and really any hope. TGR Jewish prediction: Rangers, As, Angels, Mariners.

NL Central:
This race is a total mess. But we give the edge to Ryan Braun and his new pitching staff. Pujols and the Cardinals will be a threat and the Reds should continue their momentum from last season. The Cubs stink but have John Grabow. The Pirates and Astros will really need to mature to be a threat at all. TGR Jewish prediction: Brewers, Cardinals, Reds, Cubs, Astros, Pirates.

NL East:
The Jewish pick is not easy here. The Nationsls and Mets carry Jewish players (Jason Marquis and Ike Davis). Most sites will place them at the bottom, while the Phillies look to be indestructible. The Marlins and Braves will use their solid and impressive youth to compete. The Marlins are my second favorite team for embarrassing the Cubs and Steve Bartman. But true to our site I will be bold and go yid. TGR Jewish prediction: Mets, Phillies, Marlins, Nationals, Braves.

NL West:
The Giants are the champs. But not in this years TGR bracket. We have the Dodgers with the addition of Gabe Kapler. The rest doesn't really matter to us unless the Padres call up Aaron Poreda (huge fan). Let us say they do. So they become our NL Wild Card. The Diamondbacks need to figure things out. The Rockies will drop down as well. Remember this isn't what I actually think, its the Jewish prediciton. TGR Jewish prediction: Dodgers, Padres, Giants, Rockies, Diamondback.

Playoffs? Playoffs?

AL - Red Sox over Rangers. White Sox over Rays.
NL - Brewers over Padres. Dodgers over Mets.

AL - Red Sox over White Sox.
NL - Brewers over Dodgers.

World Series - We finally see Braun and Youkilis head to head. TGR goes with the Youk and the Red Sox as World Series Champions.

My actual opinion:
AL - White Sox, Red Sox, Yankees, and Angels. White Sox over Yankess. Red Sox over Angels. White Sox over Red Sox.
NL - Brewers, Reds, Phillies, and Rockies. Phillies over Reds. Brewers over Rockies. Phillies over Brewers.
World Series - Phillies over White Sox.

Obviously I am not the expert for World Series Picks but there are plenty of sites to help you out. Soon we will have fantasy baseball updates but for now enjoy these MLB Baseball Picks.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jewish World News Coverage

The Jewish World News will occasionally carry TGR stories. Click here to see the most recent article.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Evan Kupferberg Sets His Sites on Division I Basketball

Evan Kupferberg. While his Jewish name may not strike fear into your heart, his size and statistics certainly should:

He stands at six foot six, two-hundred and twenty pounds and wears size fifteen sneakers. As a freshman on Varsity, he scored 10.4 points per game and grabbed 9.3 rebounds per game. As a sophomore, he scored 13.5 points per game and grabbed 10.9 rebounds a game, good enough to average a double-double. As a junior, to date, he averages 18.3 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per game.

Evan lives with his parents in Boca Raton, Florida. He has a fifteen year old brother, Landon, who currently plays on the Spanish River High School Junior Varsity team. Evan attended the B'nai Israel Hebrew School in Boca Raton. The support of his family is extremely important to him and he credits his father for giving him the drive and the motivation to constantly improve. “My dad pushes me to the max everyday because he wants me to be the best. I don’t know where I’d be without him,” Evan says.

He is a good student with a strong interest in a career in business and marketing. His father, Barry, says that Evan’s love for basketball and competition began with the Boca Hoops Recreational League program in their home town. Evan holds the record at Boca Hoops for being the youngest player to dunk in a game at age fourteen. Evan was always ahead of his peers growing up, but he has stayed humble and recognizes that it is the incessant hard work that will allow him to continue to progress. He says, “As I get older everyone catches up, I have to work hard constantly to stay ahead.”

At age fifteen, Evan was invited to play for the sixteen and under Florida All Stars travel team which made it to the national level tournament. A year later he was asked to play for the seventeen and under team, 561 Select, for a tournament held in Kentucky. After each of these tournaments, Evan and his coaches were approached by college assistant coaches looking to continue to follow Evan’s development and progress. Evan has received communication from a number of colleges including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Florida Atlantic University, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, Amherst, and University of San Francisco, among others.

He currently plays high school varsity basketball for Spanish River High School in Boca Raton and there is a reason that Division I schools are calling. Evan has been written up as one of ten players to watch by the Sun Sentinel and was the only sophomore in Palm Beach County named to the All County Team last season. This season? He’s just gotten better. His 18.3 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per game is good enough to lead all of Palm Beach County in rebounding and is seventh in scoring. Evan brings consistent maximum effort to every practice and game. He says, “if I take off just one possession, that means someone else can be getting better than me.” That is unacceptable to him.

At fifteen years old Evan worked out with Impact Basketball, a training company out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Their assessment of Evan was that he has tremendous potential at the three or four position. In order for him to be able to excel at the next level, he will need to improve his outside shot. He is a hard worker and he has the skills needed to progress and develop at those positions. Evan works with a full-time shooting coach on improving his form as well as his all around guard skills. He feels this hard work will allow him to shift from the power forward position to the small forward position in college.

Evan is considered a top fifty player in the State of Florida and Breakdown Magazine ranks Evan number thirty-six amongst all Florida players from the class of 2012. He has won Maccabi gold twice, in 2009 and 2010 summer JCC games. In 2009 his Boca Maccabi JCC team won gold in San Antonio against the rival Miami Maccabi JCC squad. Evan was the only fifteen year old asked to play on this sixteen and under team. In 2010, Evan’s Boca Maccabi JCC team struck gold again, this time in Baltimore. Coach Danny Herz, who coached Evan on the Maccabi teams said “Evan is a pleasure to coach. He brings a competitive spirit to practice everyday and applies that competitiveness to the games.” See Evan’s alley-oop dunk from the 2009 JCC Maccabi Games in San Antonio below:

“He is a great rebounder and a physical player,” says Evan’s father. “For a Jewish kid, he can really play inner-city basketball and mix it up inside.” The Jewish Sports Review, a publication out of California, has written Evan up as a legitimate Division I prospect. Coach Herz added that “Evan is strong and tough – no doubt – but it is his intelligence that allows him to be such a good player.” Coach Herz says he has been fortunate enough to coach sixteen college players over the last four years, and “Evan has the ability, skill set, size and smarts to be the next one.” Evan hopes to earn a scholarship to a mid or high major Division I program after his senior year at Spanish River High School. He is currently recovering from a season-ending injury. While most people gain weight during missed time for an injury, Evan has managed to lose fifteen pounds. He hopes that this will increase his agility as he continues to work on his guard skills so that he can play multiple positions at the next level.

There is no doubt that this hard working athlete will achieve his goals. Coach Herz sums up Evan quite nicely. He says, “Evan Kupferberg is a winner.”

If you would like to contact Evan, check out his website for information.

Article written by

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jewish NFL Player of the Year

After much consideration of the 5 nominees we ranked their performances as follows:

#5 - Greg Camarillo
#4 - Taylor Mays
#3 - Adam Goldberg
#2 - Adam Podlesh

Player of the Year:
Antonio Garay

It was a very close call between Podlesh and Garay. But Garay had 6 sacks which ranked him 6th among DT/NT for most sacks during the season. Solid pressure all year round. Congrats to the big man in the middle. This is the second straight year a Defensive Lineman beat out Podlesh for PoY.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jewish NFL Year in Review

The Super Bowl is over (finally). My heart was broken weeks ago. So now it is time to look back at this year's NFL season. For the Jews it was...okay. We gained a few new Jews, that is a huge positive. Unfortunately, no one really stood out. Our only real chance at a Pro Bowler was David Binn and he spent the year on IR. Here is how everyone did. Tomorrow we will announce this years Player of the Year.

David Binn - San Diego Chargers - Long Snapper/C
The former Pro Bowler was out entire season. Not much to say except maybe he is the Chargers good luck charm as they failed to make the playoffs. Hopefully, Binn can recover from his season-ending hamstring injury.

Greg Camarillo - Minnesota Vikings - WR
We did not find out he was Jewish until mid-season, but we are super happy to have him aboard. He is a solid NFL receiver. Camarillo had 20 grabs and a TD for a team that had qb issues all season. His numbers are not great, but neither are anyone elses. He is a nominee for PoY.

Julian Edelman - New England Patriots - WR
We expected BIG things from Edelman. He was clutch in 2009, but not really in 2010. He only hauled in 7 receptions all year, 3 of them in the final week of the season. Not good for a pass happy offense. He also added 1 grab in the playoffs and 2 rushes for 14 yards in the regular season. His biggest contribution came on punt returns where he took back a punt for TD in 21 tries.

Antonio Garay - San Diego Chargers - DT
He big man had 38 solo tackles and 10 assists. More impressively he got to the QB 6 times for a sack. Solid season for a guy who has had trouble finding a home. Garay is nominee #2 for PoY.

Adam Goldberg - St. Louis Rams - T/G
Goldberg started all 16 games. Most importantly he helped with much needed protection for new QB Sam Bradford. Steven Jackson had a good amount of success this year as well. Goldberg was a big reason why. Nominee #3.

Kyle Kosier - Dallas Cowboys - G
Kosier dealt with several QBs this season. Unfortunately, Tony Romo went down early on. Kosier started 13 of 16 games. Was solid again.
Erik Lorig - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - FB
The biggest surprise of the season, simply because he got drafted. And this 7th rounder made the team. He moved from DE in college to FB in the pros. He played in 9 games and started 1. He only had 1 reception but it was for 10 yards and a first down. The FB didn't get any carries, but we are excited about his potential.

Taylor Mays - San Francisco 49ers - SSBefore the season all I did was praise Mays. And there were moments where the kid shined. But he did not get the playing time I thought he would. He had one of the top plays of the season, catching a ball in the back of the end zone on his tippy-toes. He had 31 tackles and 7 assists. Also, Mays forced a fumble and had a TD on the season. He is nominee #4. Once he gets consistent he will be scary. We predict he will live up to expectations...On a side note it is his birthday today.

Igor Olshansky - Dallas Cowboys - DT
Olshanky was last year's PoY. His numbers were down. No sacks and only 17 solo tackles. He did have 21 assists. He still start all 16 games for a broken down Cowboys team, so that was impressive. But he won't be repeating as TGR PoY.

Adam Podlesh - Jacksonville Jaguars - PPodlesh ranked 13th in the league with 43.8 yards per punt. He had 7 touchbacks, 15 fair catches, and 26 inside the 20 in a total of 57 punts. He played all 16 games and didn't fumble once nor did he let up a TD. Podlesh is nominee #5.

Sage Rosenfels - New York Giants- QB
Sage joined a new team but barely got any snaps (as QB). He was the field goal holder. He played in 12 games for the G-Men. He did not throw any pass attempts but saw a few snaps in week 9 but they were all kneel downs racking up 3 rushes for -3 yards. Poor Sage.

Geoff Schwartz - Carolina Panthers - G
The Panthers flatout stunk up the place. It wasn't Schwartz's fault as he had a pretty solid season. It was not an easy task blocking for horrendus QBs. He started all 16 games and had 3 tackles (assuming his QB fumbled). Schwartz is one of the few players the Panthers don't need to replace.

A reminder that tomorrow we will post the player of the year. The nominees are:
Greg Camarillo
Antonio Garay
Adam Goldberg
Taylor Mays
Adam Podlesh

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Friday, February 4, 2011

Jewish Sports Jam

Recently I tweeted an article by Dave Feldman about MLB Jam (Click HERE to read), a spinoff from NBA Jam the popular '90s video game. The article is awesome besides the fact that there is no mention of Mark Buehrle. Anyway, TGR decided to tackle the subject and show everyone some recent Jewish combos that would make our Jewish Sports Jam (All sports included).

2010/11 Montreal Canadiens - Mike Cammalleri is coming off a dominating 2010 playoffs and currenly has 13 goals and 18 assists. While Jeff Halpern has 7 goals and 12 assists.

2010 Dallas Cowboys - Kyle Kosier started on the Cowboys O-Line and Igor Olshanky on the D-Line.

2009 Texas Ranger - Ian Kinsler joined the 30/30 club and batted .327 while Scott Feldman went 17-8 with a 4.08 Era.

2008 ATP Doubles - Andy Ram and Jonathon Erlich won the Australian Open.

2007 San Diego Chargers - David Binn was a NFL Pro Bowl Long snapper and Olshanky had 35 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and 1 Int.

2004 Boston Red Sox - Kevin Youkilis and Gabe Kapler were World Series Champs.

* 1976 New York Yankees - While this is not too recent I thought it was cool to mention Ken Holtzman and Ron Blomber played for one season together on the Yankees. While Steve Stone and Holtzman missed each other by a year (for the "other" Chicago baseball team).

Feel free to comment with more tandems.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
- Jeremy Fine