Monday, July 5, 2010

Your 2 (3?) 2010 MLB All Stars

Congrats to Ian Kinsler and Ryan Braun who both made this year's MLB All Star game. Braun will start in the outfield for the National League. He is batting .295 with 11 home runs to go along with 51 RBIs, 50 runs, and 11 stolen bases. He is on pace for a fantastic season.

Kinsler who spent a solid portion of the season on the DL, got into the All Star game as a third second baseman for the American League. Since Kinsler has returned  he is batting. 299 with 3 homers, 26 RBIs, 44 runs, and 6 swiped bags. Solid numbers as well.

Braun led all NL outfielders in voting with 2,262,663 votes just edging out the Braves' rookie Jason Heyward. Kinsler was third for AL second baseman behind Robinson Cano and Dustin Pedroia. He received 1,302,245. This will be Kinsler's 2nd All Star game and Braun's 3rd game.

The 3? in the title is for Kevin Youkilis who is in the final vote. Fans can go on and vote for Kevin Youkilis. Youkilis will be joined by Paul Konerko, Nick Swisher, Delmon Young, and Michael Young. TGR fans vote early and vote often. Here are the links (MLB and Voting).

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

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