Thursday, July 29, 2010

TGR Revamped has been under construction over the last month or so and will continue to see some changes.  Below is an explanation of the changes.

1) Instead of the lists on the side that TGR displayed before, now there are tabs at the top of the page. Now you can search the site by sport. For example, if you want to know all the NBA players, coaches, owners, news, etc just click on the NBA Tab under the TGR Headline picture.

2) TGR will no longer blog sporting news. Instead the blog will be devoted to TGR stories/news, opinions, confirming Jewish athletes, interviews, announcements, videos, and Friday recaps.

3) We have officially joined TWITTER. So feel free to follow TheGreatRabbino on Twitter. The Twitter account will be linked to the website and will stream Jewish sporting news. TGR has already begun this. There will be 5 news stories at a time.

4) The Jewish Sporting resources that used to be on the side will also have its own tab.

I hope this makes the site more accessible. I would love to hear feedback. Please email me at

Keep Reading.
Jeremy Fine

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