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Where Will Scheyer and Landesberg Go?

June 24th will possibly be the next chapter in Jewish Professional Basketball. With two prospects in this year's NBA draft we went to the Jewish sports experts to see where might Duke's Jon Scheyer and Virginia's Sylven Landesberg end up.

Josh Borenstein - Creator of
Based on their respective ceilings, I believe Landesberg will be taken first. I think he'll be an early second round pick or a late first round pick. Definitely could sneak into the first round. I think Scheyer will be a late second round pick. At best, he'll be taken early in the second round. No idea which teams will draft them. Best guess: Scheyer goes to Minnesota and Landesberg goes to New Jersey.

Dane DiLiegro - Senior Center at New Hampshire 
I'm gonna have to go with Scheyer in the early second round. I don't know how good his strength is. 

Steve Grossman -
I think both Scheyer and Landesberg will be drafted mid to late 2nd round. I would draft Landesberg before Scheyer, since I think he is more athletic and can do the intangibles better then Scheyer.

Adam Katz - TGR Fan - Duke Alum
My credible sources say Scheyer WILL be drafted.  I am thinking 2nd round.  Sylven Landesberg went to Virginia so he will end up on a court across the ocean somewhere. Actually the Bulls could use Scheyer as a developing shooting guard when they get rid of Kirk to make room for LeBron and Boozer.  Imagine the dishes he'll make to Joakim, LeBron, Boozer, and D Rose driving to the hoop.  20 to 1 Assist to Turnover Ration baby. This time next year, Landesberg might be the fifteenth best player in New Zealand.
Yuval Klein - Writer -
Both players will go into the second round maybe even deep into the second round. 
I like the prediction of who put Scheyer at the 51st pick by the Thunder. Scheyer has gained advantage from Kyle Singler's decision to stay at Duke for his senior year and also from J.J Redick's great playoff performance. A lot of people see some similarities between the two. Sylven Landesberg will have to work more hard to get into the second round especially because of the inflation in good shooting guards. Analysts think Landesberg will be a better fit to the NBA than Scheyer but because lack of success in college and little media's spot light might hurt him. Probably we will see Landesberg get picked around the five last picks. I think Utah or any team with a stable coach will good for him.

Scheyer will be picked first, only because he played for Duke and won the national championship. I want to see Scheyer plays for the Suns (46th pick). This will be the first pick of the Suns in this draft. Currently the Suns enjoying Jason Richardson and Leandro Barbosa as shooting guards and there are strong rumors about trading Barbosa becuase of his big contract to evacuate some cash to bring Dirk Nowitzki.

As for Landesberg, the Atlanta Hawks (53rd pick) will be a great place for the kid to develop. Jamal Crawford will be a starter next year because Joe Johnson will join forces with one of the super free agents (James or Wade), this will put a free spot at the bench which Landesberg can enjoy. We will have to see who will be the Hawks coach next year as well.

David Pustilnik -  Creator of
I'm not sure if you can really answer this question with regard to Scheyer.  The guy is expected to be a late second rounder, and as I'm sure you're aware, the late second round is a total crapshoot.  The Lakers have a tendency to draft undervalued players like Scheyer, so I can see them drafting him with the 58th pick.  As for Landesberg, I just don't think it's going to happen for him.  He's too unproven and has had some character issues.  He was also really didn't improve his numbers in his sophomore year after an outstanding freshmen year.  Then he started skipping classes because he knew he wasn't returning to school, and deservedly got suspended.  While his talent is undeniable, I don't think there's a team that's going to take a risk on a project like Landesberg.  That's not to say that he can't make it with the team as an undrafted free agent, because like I said, the talent is there...I just don't think he'll get picked in the draft, even in the second round. So I guess by default, Scheyer will go first. 

Jeremy Fine - Creator of
It is a tough call. I really hope both players get drafted. In my heart of hearts want to believe Scheyer sneaks into the first round, but all the experts aren't buying it. has Landesberg going ahead of Scheyer and I guess I do too. There I say Landesberg to Portland via Chicago with the 44th pick and Scheyer will go 49th to the Spurs.

We will have updates if any news breaks. 
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine 

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  1. Unfortunately, based on the comments here, and from what I have read elsewhere too, it doesn't sound too promising. Even if the two players are drafted in the second round, making an NBA roster is no certainty. With a roster spot tenuous at best, these two may be better off starting their careers in Europe. If they can excel there, the NBA would be a possibility down the road. They may even be better off with the playing time too, rather than just sitting at the end of the bench, even if you do make an NBA team.