Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Interview with Professional Wrestler Chasyn Rance

By now its no surprise that sprinkled in with the basketball, baseball, football, and hockey news TGR is going to run some wrestling stories. It is my guilty pleasure but more importantly it is a sport where Jews seem to be involved and are successful. Also, it is easy to get there contact information. 

We got a hold of Chasyn Rance. Rance wrestles all over the world and for many different promotions including WWE, TNA, and ROH. Click HERE for a list of promotions Rance has worked for.  In 2009 he was ranked #389 in the PWI best wrestler rankings. Rance has big hopes and has surrounded himself with guys who really knows the business.

Recently, Rance was also featured on VH1's Tool Academy. Find out what he says about the experience.
1) How did you start wrestling?
Always something I wanted to do and at the age of 15, started training.

2) Out of these Jewish wrestlers who would win Macho Man, Goldberg, Raven, or Kelly Kelly?
In what?
Intelligence, Raven. Beauty pageant, Kelly Kelly.

3) Have your ever competed against Colt Cabana or Brimstone? Who would win in a straight up fight?
I've tagged with Cabana in England and have faced him in FIP. In a straight up fight, I'd win.

4) Who trained you? Are you still close with Larry Zbyszko?
I was trained by Rusty Brooks. I've had work with many, many stars over the years and Larry is one of them. He's next to me right now. I've been working with Larry for over 3 years. He's a great guy and he knows a lot about the business as well as everything else...just ask him.
5) What was your experience like on the Tool Academy? Has it helped your wrestling career?
You saw the show. How do you think my experience was? I guess it has given me a bit more of recognition but I do things all the time from small spots in tv shows, movies, and whatever else. Keep watching me on Last Call with Scott Hall

6) Who is the greatest wrestler you have ever faced? What was the result?
Larry Zbyszko, I beat him ;)

7) What are your long term aspirations as a wrestler?
Make money, meet more girls, win a world title, and work for the WWE. Check, check, check, and check! Now time for more money, girls, titles, and we'll see about WWE.

8) If you could have one Diva walk you to the ring who would it be? Santana. She's not too well known yet but check her out

9)Does your Judaism ever come into consideration when you are wrestling? What was your Jewish upbringing like? Is there one thing about Judaism that you connect to?
Some top promoters and bookers are Jewish so that has worked in my favor. I teamed with C.M. Punk in MLW as the Straight Edge Army. I turned the XXX and the Star of David into one logo which I kept around for a while. Jewish upbringing was fine. Shabbot most Friday nights, candles at least every Friday. Temple on high holy holidays and other holidays. Jewish camp and pre-school. I just connect to the people. Feels more comfortable as it does for anyone whether it's race, religion, or experiences. I also really like that we're the Chosen People and don't believe in Hell.

A big thanks to Rance for the interview. Good luck to him in the future. For more information on Rance check out

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

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