Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TGR Interviewed

Recently TGR was featured the Chicago Jewish News. We are super excited about the exposure. It is in the print edition as well, but HERE is the online version.

At the beginning it mentions how the blog got started. I want to make it clear that I was totally JOKING when I mentioned not having say in my wedding. I did. My in-laws are wonderful people and my wife is the best. Having been my first interview I should have realized that jokes do not always sound as good on paper.

Thanks for reading.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Schoeneweis Released and Pissed Off - Then Picked Up

Click HERE to read about Schoeneweis' recent release. The man was NOT happy.

But he stuck with it and signed with the Boston Red Sox. Maybe it was so he could keep Youkilis company at the seder. Click HERE for more.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Final ONE

The Pearls and Tennessee dropped a close one to Michigan State. Their one point loss means that really only Jon Scheyer and the Duke Blue Devils made it to the Final Four from the Jewish Bracket. Currently, the Jewish Bracket sits in 2nd place (my real bracket is in 3rd). If Duke wins it all the Jewish Bracket will win my NCAA tournament (I will come in 2nd). C'Mon Coach K.

Video of the Week: Reggie White's Torah

Reggie White was not Jewish, in fact he was a minister. But he sure had a Jewish hobby. Enjoy the video below and have a happy and kosher Pesach.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Skating with Speed - Interview with Tani Mintz

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with Speedskating?
My name is Netanya Shira Mintz, I’m 25 years old, and am extremely proud to say I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  I went to private Jewish school my whole life until junior year of high school when I switched to public school.  Athletics and sports have always been essential in my life.  I was a diehard Michael Jordan fan since I can remember.  (The two of us even used to hang out at the Multiplex when the Bulls practiced there!  OK, maybe not hang out, but he knew my name and I hugged his knee. smile )  In junior high I played basketball and ran track.  I also ran track at the Maccabi Games in 1998 and 2001 and earned a total of 12 medals: 3 bronze, 5 silver, and 4 gold.  And in 1999 I played basketball at the Maccabi Games, and despite having a team of 6 (yes, 6 players total on our team!), we finished in a strong 4th place.
I started speedskating much later in life relative to other speedskaters.  When I was 17 my family and I went to Salt Lake City for the 2002 Olympics.  We all had tickets to see alpine skiing events because we are a family of skiers, but I really wanted to see a short track speed skating event as well.  Admittedly, I totally bought into the Apolo Ohno hype and was super excited at the opportunity to see him live in action.  It was at the Delta Center one night during the Olympics, watching Apolo win the gold, that changed my life forever.  I knew I wanted to be a part of the Olympics.  Now that I had experienced what it was to be a part of the crowd feeding the athletes the energy, I wanted to actually taste the energy.  In an instant, I wholeheartedly believed I would be an Olympian one day.  I would pursue speedskating the second I got home to Chicago, and I would make it happen.

2) What was in like to tryout for the Olympics?
When I first began speedskating in 2002 the thought of competing in Olympic Trials was right up there on the “cool” meter behind actually competing in the Olympics.  I remember the day in 2005 when I qualified to skate in the 2006 Olympic Trials.  It was a blur of emotion because it didn’t sink in when I crossed the line and saw my qualifying time.  It didn’t even sink in when I told myself “Hey, you just qualified to skate in the 2006 US Speedskating Olympic Trials.”  It sunk in when my coach skated by me and said, “Congratulations.  You will be skating in Olympic Trials.”  What takes many skaters a decade or more of hard work to accomplish took me a short four years – albeit a daily routine of intensive training, full-time schoolwork, and a little Starbucks on the side, but a short four years nonetheless. smile
Two months later in December, I skated my fastest races ever at the 2006 US Speedskating Olympic Trials.  Not fast enough to make the team, but that didn’t matter (well, I can say that now, of course at the time I was a little disappointed).  It didn’t matter because I realized sometime during that competition that I truly was capable of fulfilling my Olympic dreams.  I had just proved to myself that hard work and dedication will lead you to success.  As long as I was in control of my life the Olympic Games would be mine one day.  The 2006 Olympic Trials was just another opportunity to gain some competitive experience so that next time I would be even more prepared.
Fast forward four years later and I’m at the starting line of the 2010 US Speedskating Olympic Trials.  The past four years (2006-2010) had felt the most uncertain and unstable of my life.  The only thing I learned to expect from life was the unexpected.  Having only known a world of constants and stability, I decided to redirect my path along one with more certain outcomes.  I retired from speedskating in 2007 and pursued law school.  Slowly but surely the competitive fire came back, and with a vengeance.  After being accepted to a couple law schools, I decided to put that avenue on hold and come back to speedskating.  In September of 2008 I moved to Utah to train with no expectations of qualifying for any national, let alone international, competitions the next couple years.  Three weeks later I qualified for every single national competition between Sept. 2008 and March of 2010… including the 2010 US Olympic Trials.  I also finished 3rd overall.  Again, I didn’t place high enough or skate fast enough to make the Olympic Team, but I did renew my sense of confidence that the Olympics will be mine… next time. smile

3) Are you hopefully for 2014?
Yes.  smile

4) What do you do in when you are not skating?
I don’t train on Thursdays and Sundays, so those are the days I usually work 5:30am-2:00pm at Starbucks.  (Yes, on my off days I wake up at 5am!)  To be honest though, Starbucks doesn’t feel like a job.  It’s my social life!  And there’s no better place to be at 5:30am than a coffee shop. smile  And when I’m not at Starbucks or training I’m devoting all of my attention to the cutest, cuddliest, and craziest puppy in the world – Capone. smile

5) What are some of the coolest/most interesting experiences you have had because of skating?
Another loaded question!  Where to begin?  I remember my first race in Salt Lake City.  I was trying to qualify for the 2003 Junior Nationals.  My best shot was in the 1000m.  I signed up for time trials that weekend.  Saturday rolls around and I take a look at the pair sheet.  Chris Witty – Inner Lane, Netanya Mintz – Outer Lane.  Are you kidding me?  My first race ever in Salt Lake City and I’m paired with the Olympic gold medalist and world record holder in the 1000m?  How cool and ridiculous was that?  I told myself, “Just keep her in your line of vision and you know you’ll be having a good race!”  She did stay in my line of vision (barely), but I just missed the qualifying time by a couple seconds.  Oh well!  Cool experience!
Speed skating also took me to Torino, Italy in 2007 for the World University Games.  Skating on another Olympic track (even if it was a year late!), was very inspirational.  Not to mention the cool opening ceremonies I participated in that felt like a mini-version of what to expect some years down the road… smile
But probably the most interesting experience I’ve had because of speedskating actually has nothing to do with, well, speedskating.  In 2005 Starbucks began an Elite Athlete Program.  Long story short, I became their sponsored athlete.  When I retired from speedskating in 2007 I asked Starbucks to please keep me involved in any future endeavors they pursue regarding health and wellness.  Passion for my sport may have dwindled, but passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle never has and never will.  Starbucks realized my dedication to health and wellness and in May of 2008 called on me to participate in the Nike+ 10k Human Race – a race held on August 31, 2008, hosted in 25 cities around the world to benefit three global charities.  More specifically, they wanted me to be Chicago’s ambassador to the program, if you will.  Starbucks partnered with Nike in promoting the race, and Starbucks assigned me the duty of getting as many people in Chicago to run the race as possible.  Through microchipped bracelets and shoe sensors and Nike+ iPods, Chicago racked up the most miles out of the 40 U.S. cities participating in Starbucks’ competition.  Because my city won, Starbucks selected me to fly with Nike on their privately chartered Air New Zealand jet to Melbourne, Australia on August 29, 2008, run the race on August 31 at 8:31am, and then immediately jump back on the jet and fly to LA to run the last leg of the worldwide race beginning at 8:31pm.  All in one day.  Totally awesome one-of-a-kind never to be duplicated again experience?  I’d say so.

6) What will life look like after skating?
What will life look like after skating?  First can I focus on what life will look like tomorrow?  I have no idea what’s in store for me post-speedskating.  I’m sure furthering my education is in my future somewhere.  And as of now I intend on settling down in Chicago again, one day… one day… But ah… so many many things to do before I can commit to one plan, one career, one city.

7) Has Judaism ever played a role in your sport? Has there ever been a conflict?
The biggest conflict I experience regarding Judaism and my commitment to training happens only on Yom Kippur.  I’ve never been shomer shabbos, so racing on a Saturday morning has never been an issue for me.  But since I began speedskating Yom Kippur has always been the one holiday where I feel most connected to my religion, probably specifically because while training I am unable to properly acknowledge the Holy Day – the full 24 hours is a constant reminder of what Jewish laws I am not obeying for the sake of pursuing my dreams.  Although friends and family would never judge me for the religious decisions I make, especially on Yom Kippur, I can’t help but judge myself.  I guess, ironically, Yom Kippur ends up being exactly what it is meant to be – a day of atonement.  I constantly question my decisions on Yom Kippur and battle with myself whether to forego training that morning to go to synagogue, or to stay on track and not lose sight of my goal – not even for a mere few hours at synagogue once a year. Training has always won that battle, but at the heavy expense of extreme guilt the days leading up to and the day of Yom Kippur.

8) You are from Chicago, so what are some of you favorite spots to skate, dine, and hang out?
I love this question.  ESPN Zone.  Niketown.  Millenium Park.  Whether I’m home for a week or a day, these three Chicago landmarks are essential in my visit home.  Ahhhh… thinking about them now makes me feel nostalgic…smile

If you want to support Netanya for the 2014 Olympics you can email her at Also, a big congrats to her as she is now a newly sponsored by Powerbar!!
Thanks to Tani. Best of luck.
And Let Us Say…Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wrestlemania Weekend

Some wrestling news the day of one of the most fun sporting events of the year (I know I have been to one).

Goldberg might be coming back to the WWE. reports "- Former WWE
and WCW Champion Bill Goldberg, who has not wrestled on the national wrestling scene since his infamous match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania
20 back in 2004, has announced on Twitter that he's in negotiations with World Wrestling Entertainment:

"YES.. I am in negotiations with the WWE," Goldberg wrote. "Looks like 'ole Hogan and TNA missed the boat. Shame for the fans they didn't even try."

Goldberg has stated repeatedly during interviews that he has no interest in getting back in the ring, but has had a change of heart and "the door is open again."

"Truth is I never thought I'd even consider it...then came my son," Goldberg said. "No one said I'd wrestle but the door is open again. Also.... If I ever did step in the ring again, I have a new tag partner. He goes by the name of "Lights Out!!!! the one and only Shawn Merriman.....updating the old Goldberg/Kevin Greene duo."

We just found out Wrestling Diva Kelly Kelly is Jewish. This is amazing, absolutely amazing, news. Click HERE to watch the video. She will be wrestling in a 10 Diva tag match.

We do not have any other confirmation that other Jews are participating but...Kane (Glenn Jacobs) is rumored to be Jewish. He will be wrestling in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The winner of that match gets a shot at a WWE championship.

Also, CM Punk (who is not Jewish) is the former long time tag partner of Colt Cabana/Scotty Goldman.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hillels in The NCAA Tournament posted an interesting story about the schools with Hillels in the NCAA tournament. Click HERE to read. Pretty cool.

Also, Tennessee and Duke (Pearls and Scheyer) are looking good in the Elite 8. Hopefully, they can keep it going into the Final Four and the Jewish bracket (which by the way is currently beating all the CBSsportsline's "experts") can win. My regular bracket is in 3rd with Kentucky, Duke, and Kansas State still alive.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Big Shabbat

We reached 20,000 hits....and we are rapidly getting to 21,000. Thanks to all for reading.

It was a big week covering the NCAA tournament and Wrestlemaina. I will continue my coverage throughout the weekend.

Also, I began writing for the Jewish Journal this week. It has been great working with them. Check out TGR at the

Next week we will also have interviews with a former Brown University Bear (mascot) Ari Lucas and Speed Skater Tani Mintz.

Looks like Jon Scheyer will be named TGR NCAA Player of the Year (wasn't really a doubt). Later this week we will have for you the TGR All Americans (Hint check out the poll).

Some cool stuff going on here. We recently interview Brimstone, another Jewish wrestler. Also, we have been speaking with Colt Cabana's publicist about doing a cool feature.

We are looking for a catch phrase, ideas welcome.

Shabbat Shalom.
Chag Sameach.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good News Bad News for Maccabi Haifa

Israel's Maccabi Haifa was in the news twice recently. 

Like Maccabi Tel Aviv has done for the last few years, Maccabi Haifa will now also travel to the USA to compete in an exhibition games against the New Jersey Nets.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – NETS Basketball will host Maccabi Haifa of the Israeli Basketball Super League, Israel’s top division, in a 2010 preseason game on Sunday, October 3 at 7:00 p.m. at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. 
The game will mark the first preseason game the NETS will play at the Prudential Center since the team announced it will play its home games in Newark for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 seasons. Ticket information is available by calling 201-806-7277.
Maccabi Haifa, owned by New Jersey native Jeffrey Rosen, is currently tied for second place in the Super League and has been ranked as high as 21st in Europe.  Maccabi Haifa’s charity program, “Haifa Hoops for Kids,” a joint initiative between Maccabi Haifa and United Jewish Communities of MetroWest New Jersey, demonstrates the team’s commitment to assisting underprivileged and special needs children in Israel. 
Maccabi Haifa’s 30-minute magazine show, “Inside Israeli Basketball,” is aired monthly on the YES Network.  The show captures the intricacies of Israel and the Super League seen through the eyes of Maccabi Haifa’s American players and their Israeli counterparts.
“We are honored to host Maccabi Haifa at the Prudential Center and to offer our fans the chance to see one of the best teams in Israel and a team rich in history,” said NETS CEO Brett Yormark.
“We are thrilled to bring Maccabi Haifa to America to play the NETS in a preseason game,” said Rosen.  “It has been our goal to build Maccabi Haifa into an international brand and playing an NBA team such as the NETS is just another step in the right direction.”
Contact: Barry Baum, NETS Basketball, 917-847-1737                                
Andrew Wilson, Triangle Financial Services, 305-933-8308 x 123

Maccabi Haifa's one year experiment with Jeremy Tyler recently came to an end. Tyler was not what Maccabi Haifa expected nor did he have such a productive experience on the court. He only averaged 7.6 minutes a game and averaged a measly 2.1 points per game. To read more Click HERE. Tyler will now try to make it in the NBA.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Jewish High School Final Rankings

Big shout outs to Ida Crown and Chicagoland Jewish High School for ending the season ranked. Click HERE for the end of the season rankings of the Jewish High Schools.

Israeli Wrestling

Wrestlemania is this week. So we did some investigating about Jewish wrestling and found an Israeli wrestling league. I would love to see Colt Cabana wrestle at their next show. So, if people are big wrestling fans they should write into the promoter convincing him to bring in Colt (or if you want to sponsor his trip email me and I will try to make it happen).

To check out more about Israeli Wrestling Click HERE.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wrestlemania Picks with Colt Cabana (Formerly Scotty Goldman)

TGR caught up with Colt Cabana to get his picks for this years Wrestlemania. Colt has been traveling the country wrestling and performing his comedy. I plan on hitting up a ROH Wrestling show as soon as possible. Big thanks and shout out to the funniest man in the wrestling busniess.

Hello all my fellow Heebs. Can I say Heebs? I assume I can. So I will.
It's me, you're favorite Jewish WWE wrestler of all time, formerly Scotty Goldman, Colt "Boom Boom" Cabana.

Currently I'm traveling around the world as a professional wrestler and semi-professional comedian. I can be seen every Monday night wrestling for Ring of Honor ( on HDNet.
This coming weekend I'm going to be having three giant shows in Phoenix, Arizona. Friday and Saturday will be a great ROH doubleshot and Saturday night I'll be on stage telling wrestling jokes with Mick Foley for Total Extreme Comedy ( The biggest event of the weekend though, of course, is WWE's WRESTLEMANIA 26.

Jeremy Fine, The Great Rabbino himself picked up his shofar-phone and gave me a call. He wanted to know if I could bless all his fine fans with my WM 26 picks. I consider it a Mitzvah to do it. All I ask is you don't blame me when you loose all your gelt money when I get the picks wrong! Am I getting too obvious jewey?!!?!...OYE...too easy....ok fine (Jeremy), here you go...

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match
John Morrison & R-Truth vs. The Miz & Big Show
CC: I think this one's easy. Morrison & Truth have kinda just been thrown together. I think they've done a great job on TV lately though trying to tell you that they're a legitimate team, but a strong bet would be SHOWMIZ FTW.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane vs. Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs.Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston
CC: I'd love for it to be my old roomie, Evan Bourne. He's definitely gonna be the highlight of this match in more than many ways. In my mind it's a toss up between Christian and McIntyre. Since they're pushing Drew as the "star of tomorrow", I'm gonna say Drew McIntyre wins and makes his push as the next WWE champion.

Triple H vs. Sheamus
CC: The firecrotch doesn't stand a chance. HHH by a landslide.

Triple Threat Match
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase
CC: Some interesting ways to think this one. I would hope that Ted Dibiase would get a solid definitive win here and establish himself as the next break out star. Unfortunately, I've got a feeling Randy Orton beats them both up the whole match and then grabs himself and easy Wrestlemania victory.

WWE Title Match
John Cena vs. Batista
CC: I wanna make a lot of funny jokes about this one, but I wont. I'm gonna say John Cena stands tall at the end of this one.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Edge vs. Chris Jericho
CC: Edge has really never won the title in a straight up fashion. I think at WM26, Edge gets his first clean championship win. SPEAR!

Career vs. Streak Match
Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
CC: I think Undertaker's not quite ready to give his streak up. Shawn will "retire", go find god aka vacation in Hawaii, and come back with Marty Jannetty for one last Rockers Reunion.

No Holds Barred Match
Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon
CC: Bret with a Sharpshooter.

Street Fight
CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio
If Mysterio loses, he must join the Straight Edge Society.
CC: I look forward to this one as it's my boy Punk's first high profile Wrestlemania match. Punk's going to win. Mysterio will join the straight edge society, but he'll get kicked out of both the SES and WWE when he's found smokin hella weed with RVD in a Jimmy Johns parking lot in Tuscon, AZ.

Those are my picks.
Maybe they'll be right on, maybe they'll suck.
Let me know on TWITTER at @DRColtCabana.
Enjoy all of WM weekend and if you're out there, stop by either TXC or ROH and say hi.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Video of the Week - Goldberg Enters the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

In honor of Bill Goldberg getting inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and this coming Sunday being Wrestlemania below is a video of Goldberg destroying his competition in the Royal Rumble. Mazel tov.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Girl's High School Hoops - SI Story

Here is an amazing Sports Illustrated story about a girl named Charlie Lerner. Click HERE for a nice read.

Catch Phrase

Hey TGR Fans,

We are looking for a catch phrase. Please submit your ideas to

Right now we are playing with:

"Connecting Koufax to Casspi"


"Jewish Sports - 24/6"

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brett Harvey's Career

Here is an article that discusses Loyola Maryland's season as well as Brett Harvey's importance to his team. Click HERE.


TGR has linked up with the Jewish Journal, one of the largest Jewish websites in the country. To see TGR on the Jewish Journal visit Click HERE.

There will be lots of re-posting but also original TGR pieces.

Very exciting time for us as we near 20,000 hits.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ben Jacobson??

According to Ron Kaplan of Kaplan's Korner Ben Jacobson of Northern Iowa is Jewish. TGR is looking into it.

The Jewish Bracket Update

I decided to enter my Jewish bracket in my pool as my wife's picks. As of the first round the bracket is in first place (and my real picks are in second).

Cornell's Big Win

Cornell wins their first round matchup verses Temple. Jon Jaques scored 6 points and grabbed 4 rebounds. Eitan Chemerinski (Cornell) and Carmel Bouchman (Temple) did not see action.

Jon Scheyer (Duke), Brandon Reese (Syracuse), and Steven Pearl (Tennessee) all advanced into the second round.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Shabbat Post

NCAA tournament is here!!! We have tried to bring you some interesting coverage all week long. Next we will announce this year's All American team. You will also have a chance to vote for player of the year.

Thank you to Adam Carp for the interview.

We might have some other posts next week, but we will most likely continue to cover the tournament in some way.

Upsets do happen as the #5 seed Cornell beat out #2 Duke in our poll of best team represented with a Jewish player. I think you all are crazy, but Cornell won fair and square. Congrats!

TGR News:

Tons of news here.

This week the Chicago Jewish News interviewed me and are going to run a story about TGR. Super excited. Check newstands and their website for more TGR.

On a bigger note, we have teamed up with the Jewish Journal in LA. It is one of the largest (if not they) Jewish news sites. We will be posted at least twice a week for them. So support us on Jewish Journal!!! I will post more on that next week.

We have been in touch with Heeb magazine and hope to have an article written for them soon.

Have a Good Shabbat.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interview with Nevada Wolfpack's Adam Carp

This week we have spent a ton of time on NCAA tournament and today is no different. NIT bound Nevada player Adam Carp agreed to do an interview with TGR. Thanks to Adam and good luck until you play the Illini.

1) Tell us a little about yourself as a person and as a player?
I started playing basketball when I was 10 years old, however I wasn’t serious about it until my sophomore year of high school. Baseball was my first passion. I am from California and most of my family is there (the rest are in New York). As a player, I am extremely hard working. I have had to work hard to overcome my weaknesses as a player. I am very competitive and will do whatever it takes to win.

2) The Wolf Pack lost a close game and North Carolina this year. What was it like playing against the Tar Heels and Roy Williams?
Playing at Chapel Hill this past year was a great experience. It was my third time playing against North Carolina in my career. My first time playing them, I was intimidated. Now, I feel like I belong on the same court as them, and that is a great feeling. The atmosphere there is electric, and as a college player, it is a dream to play on the same court that Michael Jordan played on. We lost a close game to them, but as a team it helped us realize how good we can be.

3) How does the Western Athletic Conference compare this season?
The WAC is very competitive this year. There are no games that are a sure win. Teams at the top are targeted and teams at the bottom are hungry for a win.

4) What has been your best moment on the court?
My best on-the-court moment actually did not occur in the United States. This past summer, our team went on a European tour where we played five games in 10 days. In our first game, with under a minute left and a tie game I blocked a dunk by a seven-footer at the rim. The block led to a dunk for us and ultimately a win. It was an incredible feeling to help my team win with a big play.

5) For us fans March Madness time is the best time of year, what is it like for the players? Is it hard to concentrate on school and other priorities?
March Madness for me is the best time of the year. In March, I clear distractions and avoid potential distractions. There is no one thing on my mind, and one thing only: win. I’ve learned to handle my schoolwork ahead of time so I eliminate any problems. I have been playing sports just as long as I have been going to school, so dealing with it is second nature to me.

6) So far this season you have a 17-11 record. Are you optimistic about your chances to play in a tournament after the regular season?
I am extremely optimistic that we will win in a tournament after our regular season. We need to win our conference tournament in order to make the NCAA Tournament. If we do not win it, I think we will still get invited to another tournament such as the NIT.

7) Recently ESPN showed Gerald Henderson beating Michael Jordan in a game of HORSE. If you could play one player of all time in HORSE who would it be and what would your strategy be?
If I could play one player in HORSE, I would take on LeBron James. My strategy would be to go first and pray I didn’t miss a shot. If he were to start dunking on me, I don’t know if I would be able to match him.

8) Where do you see yourself after your Nevada Wolf Pack days are over?
After my playing days at Nevada are over, I plan on working in an athletics department. Sports are my passion, and I would show up to work every day knowing I would be around sports.

Thanks again to Adam.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cornell's Jon Jaques

Here is an article on a Sports Illustrated blog about Jon Jaques. Thank you to TGR fan Jerry Marcus for sending it in. Click HERE.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video of the Week - 75 Seconds with Jon Scheyer

I used to hate Jon Scheyer for not coming to Illinois and I still kind of do, but this kid is simply amazing. Below is the most ridiculous High School video I have ever seen. The other video is funny and references Scheyer's  amazing accomplishment.

Oy! Brackets

New Oy! Chicago article up (same as the brackets from yesterday). Click HERE.

Monday, March 15, 2010

NCAA Bracket with a Jewish Twist

So, it is tournament time. Everyone is frantically filling out their brackets, hoping to gain pride and maybe some cash. Everyone has a different strategy for picking the Final Four. Some people pick underdogs, some pick according to mascots, and some pick by what they think is knowledge yet always end up losing. Well, The Great Rabbino has decided to help you out. TGR is filling out your brackets using Jews. I want to state clearly that I am NOT responsible for you losing your pool. This is just a fun, Jewish, and different way of trying to win your bracket. Just remember that God influenced this bracket. 
How are we going to do this? We have done tons of research and came up with a crazy and completely illogical system. Teams were considered by Jewish Players/Coaches, seeding numbers relevance to Judaism (#1 = God, 10 = 10 Commandments, etc), the University’s Hillel/Jewish studies program, the number of Jews on campus, the surrounding city’s Jewish presence, Jewish sports alumni, and a slight bias.
Kansas vs. Lehigh – While Lehigh has a Jewish player Matt Shamis, all #1 seeds will advance because the number one stands for God.
UNLV vs. Northern Iowa – I believe Northern Iowa was the home to the Rubashkins. UNLV wins by default.
Michigan State vs. New Mexico State –Hank Greenberg’s Michigan roots push MSU ahead to the next round.
Maryland vs. Houston – Maryland boasts one of the best Hillels in the country.
Tennessee vs. San Diego State – Player Steven Pearl gets the Volunteers to round two.
Georgetown vs. Ohio – Even with less Jews on campus Ohio has a Hillel.
Oklahoma State vs. Georgia Tech – Neither school is strikingly Jewish, so #10 gets the nod representing the 10 Commandments.
Ohio State vs. Santa Barbra – UCSB has Jordan Weiner, but OSU’s stadium is the Schottenstein center. Jewish home beats out Jewish player.
Syracuse vs. UVM – The number one stands for God, which is unbeatable (unless its Ditka).
Gonzaga vs. Florida State – The Christian school wins this one. Let the interfaith dialogue begin.
Butler vs. UTEP – Butler has better Jewish life on campus.
Vanderbilt vs. Murray State – Vanderbilt’s quick growing Jewish population gets them to round 2.
Xavier vs. Minnesota – Sigmund Harris was an All American quarterback at Minnesota and a part of the tribe (yes, that is the best we can do).
Pittsburgh vs. Oakland – Pittsburgh Hillel trumps Oakland’s chances.
BYU vs. Florida – Nimrod Tishman, while not playing much, creates the Jewish/Israeli upset here.
Kansas State vs. North Texas – My regular bracket won’t have this, but my Jewish bracket does. North Texas has a great Jewish studies program and advances.
Kentucky vs. ETSU – God is one!
Texas vs. Wake Forest – Current Jewish Major leaguer Scott Feldman plays for the Rangers. Texas pride!
Temple vs. Cornell – We are so upset that Jews are playing each other in the first round. Cornell has two and Temple has one, so upset in the making. 
Wisconsin vs. Wofford – Wisconsin is home tons of Jewish summer camps. Not sure what Wofford is known for.
Marquette vs. Washington – The better Hillel moves on.
New Mexico vs. Montana – Umm…so…I have a Rabbinical School friend from New Mexico?
Clemson vs. Missouri – Numbers system. The 10 commandments trump the days in a week.
West Virginia vs. Morgan State – UWV at least has a Hille1.
Duke vs. (ARPB/WIN) – #1 God is with Duke and Jon Scheyer.
California vs. Louisville – Last season California had David Liss. His legacy continues.
Texas A&M vs. Utah State – There are more Jews in Texas. That’s a fact.
Purdue vs. Siena – Purdue has a Hillel.
Notre Dame vs. Old Dominion – Continuing our interfaith theme.
Baylor vs. Sam Houston – Baylor has a Hillel.
Richmond vs. St. Mary’s – Mary was a Jew.
Villanova vs. Robert Morris – Seems to be the interfaith region.
Kansas vs. UNLV – God is still 1.
MSU vs. Maryland – Maryland’s Hillel continues to roll.
Tennessee vs. Ohio – This time it’s Bruce Pearl who leads the way.
GT vs. OSU – Shalom in the Home. OSU marches on.
Syracuse vs. Gonzaga – Player Brandon Reese pushes ‘Cuse ahead.
Butler vs. Vanderbilt – Vanderbilt’s Jewish studies program trumps Butler.
Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh – The Squirrel Hill faithful keeps Pitt in it.
Florida vs. North Texas – Tishman’s prayers keep them alive.
Kentucky vs. Texas – God remains on top.
Cornell vs. Wisconsin – Jon Jaques and Eitan Chemerinski hep Cornell move on to the sweet sixteen.
Washington vs. New Mexico – Yikes again. Washington has more Jews?
Missouri vs. West Virginia – Been to Wheeling WV and it has a nice synagogue.
Duke vs. California – Scheyer will play a huge factor in the tournament. Stay tuned.
Texas A&M vs. Purdue – More Jews on campus.
Notre Dame vs. Baylor – The Hillel beats the Church.
St. Mary vs. Villanova – Mary over her son’s followers.
Kansas vs. Maryland – No Hillel can beat God.
Tennessee vs. OSU – The Pearls cruise.
Syracuse vs. Vanderbilt – Syracuse has Assistant Coach Bernie Fine. Winner!
Pittsburgh vs. Florida – How can Pittsburgh overcome thousands of old Jewish ladies?
Kentucky vs. Cornell – I want to pick Cornell but when Calipari left Memphis it allowed Josh Pastner (Jewish) to move into his coaching spot. So, for Calapari’s act of chesed the Wilcats move into the Elite Eight.
Washington vs. UWV – Marshall “Biggie” Goldberg played fullback for the Steelers, but he was born and raised in UWV (and makes this bracket not totally weird).
Duke vs. Texas A&M – Scheyer keeps them moving.
Baylor vs. St. Mary’s – Lets face it not too many Jews at St. Mary’s.
Kansas vs. Tennessee – Finally, I can stop picking Kansas. Tennessee’s Jew power overcomes Kansas.
Syracuse vs. Florida – Coach Fine and benchwarmer Reese carry the Orange into the Final Four.
Kentucky vs. UWV – Calipari’s help makes me want to keep him going.
Duke vs. Baylor – Scheyer is the best Jewish player in this tournament. Period.
Tennessee vs. Syracuse – Both teams have a Jewish player and coach, but Tennessee’s are better.
Kentucky vs. Duke – Jon Scheyer takes the Dukies to the Finals.
Duke vs. Tennessee –Jon Scheyer wins it all.
And Let Us Say...Amen
- Jeremy Fine

Where'd Landesberg GO

Virginia suspended top scorer Sylven Landesberg for the remainder of the season. Tough break for Jewish college basketball fans. Landesberg would have been in the discussion for top Jewish college player of the year. His chances look slim now. To read more about it click HERE.

Tournament(s) Time

So, I am clearly not in a good mood after Illinois getting the HUGE snub. I guess I am somewhat of a fan of the NIT right now. On the bright side it means more Illini games this season. We did get the #1 overall seed. Here are the Jews playing in various postseason tournaments. Stay tuned for the Jewish NCAA bracket and player of the year awards.

Cornell: Jon Jaques, Eitan Chemerinski
Lehigh: Matt Shamis
Santa Barbra: Jordan Weiner
Syracuse: Brandon Reese
Temple: Carmel Bouchman
Tennessee: Steven Pearl
Duke: Jon Scheyer
Florida: Nimrod Tishman
Tennessee: Bruce Pearl (Coach)
Syracuse: Bernie Fine (Coach)

Arizona State: Derek Glasser
Illinois State: Alex Rubin
Nevada: Adam Carp
Memphis: Josh Pastner (Coach)


Pacific: Reed Kamler
Harvard: Peter Edelson

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scheyer and Bouchman In

Not that there was much doubt but Jon Scheyer and Duke are officially in the NCAA tournament. Also Carmel Bouchman and Temple clinched a berth by winning the A10 tournament. Bouchman didn't get in the game but Scheyer dropped 16 points and grabbed 3 boards in Duke's ACC tournament championship.

NCAA Countdown

The Final of our Tournament is here:

#2 Duke and Jon Scheyer
#5 Cornell and Jon Jaques/Eitan Chemerinski

Please select the team you think would win.

So far here are the Jewish players who have helped their teams punch their ticket into the tournament.

Automatic Bids
Cornell: Jon Jaques, Eitan Chemerinski
Lehigh: Matt Shamis
Santa Barbra: Jordan Weiner

Syracuse: Brandon Reese
Temple: Carmel Bouchman
Tennessee: Steven Pearl
Duke: Jon Scheyer

Florida: Nimrod Tishman
Arizona State: Derek Glasser
Charlotte: Charles Dewhurst

Stay Tuned for the Jewish Bracket which should be out tomorrow.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Friday, March 12, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

Shabbat Shalom to everyone. A simple week here at TGR (or should I say HAIR at TGR). Wow I loved Artest's tribute to defense. Also, another video of the week.

Check out Macslive for the Saracheck tournament and Jewsinbaseball.blogspot for spring training news.

Poll Results:
Final Four are still going on. It looks to be Cornell edging out Syracuse to face likely Duke in the finals.

TGR News:
We hope to have our Jewish bracket out Monday. This hopes to make Heeb Magazine, Oy Chicago, and the Jewish Journal.

We have also talked with Chicago Jewish News about TGR. Get excited.

Lastly, I want to mention the passing of a good friend of mine, Brian Fait. Brian wasn't Jewish but I met him in my fraternity (Sammys). He was a great guy and a really good athlete. Brian, may your life have been for a blessing.

Shabbat Shalom.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Thursday, March 11, 2010

High School Basketball Tournament Begins NOW

Check out scores and highlights from this years Red Sarachek basketball tournament at

Coaching Palestinians

Here is an interesting story about Ilan Kowalsky an Israeli set to coach a Palestinian basketball team. Click HERE.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ron Artest Channeling His Judaism?

Ron Artest came into yesterday's game against the Orlando Magic with a new haircut. Imagine a Rodman look with a yellow background and purple writing. He wrote the word "Defense" in 3 different languages. One of those was Hebrew. The word Haganah could also be a reference to an Israeli Defense Force. Below is the picture. Should I write Rabbi in mine?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Video of the Week - Casspi Just Does It

I am sure we will have many many Omri Casspi videos in the coming years. This week I wanted to feature his Nike commercial. It is awesome. Literally got chills. Enjoy!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baseball TShirts

As the baseball season approaches TGR will be highlighting our shirts. This is our Kevin Youkilis TShirt. To buy it or see our other TGR Tshirts click on the Tshirt self. Wear them proudly.

Round 2 Complete- Final Four

Round 2 is complete and we enter the Final Four for the best NCAA team represented by at least one Jewish player. Can't believe Davidson is still in it. I guess people either think Stephen Curry is Jewish and still on the team or they LOVE Jake Cohen. Below are the results of the elite 8 and the matchups for the Final Four. Voting takes place on the side.

Syracuse over Arizona State
Cornell over Temple
Davidson over Florida
Duke over UNC Charlotte


#1. Syracuse Orange (Brandon Reese)
#5. Cornell Bears (Eitan Chemerinski)

#14. Davidson Wildcats (Jake Cohen)
#2. Duke Blue Devils (Jon Scheyer)

So WHish I Wasn't Twaded

Here is Sportsline's comments on the trades of Jewish hockey elites Mathieu Schneider and Jeff Halpern. Both of their new teams were considered WINNERS!
Phoenix Coyotes: The Coyotes have been the feel-good story of the season and that didn't change at the deadline, as Phoenix did a good job upgrading its roster for the playoff push. The Coyotes started the day sitting fifth in the West, a remarkable turnaround from last season, and were busier than anyone by adding five veterans to the lineup. The best might be Wojtek Wolski, a young forward who was the second-leading scorer on the Colorado Avalanche but is coming up on restricted free agency. Phoenix got deeper along the blue line with veterans Derek Morris and Mathieu Schneider and added young legs up front in Alexandre Picard and Lee Stempniak.
Los Angeles Kings: If any team had the potential to make a big splash it was the Kings. Los Angeles has the kind of cap space and young talent in its organization that other teams drool over, and the Kings have had such a surprisingly strong season, they seemed primed to do something major. But Los Angeles has some good chemistry to go along with the talent on the roster, and didn't mess with it to acquire veteran forwards Jeff Halpern and Fredrik Modin, players who bring useful skill sets and leadership.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cornell Cliches Berth

The Cornell Bears became the first team to clinch a NCAA tournament bid. The Bears have three Jewish players. Jon Jaques led at Bears with 20 points. Congrats to the Bears.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

Fun week post Interview month. I am glad Taylor Mays is getting a lot of attention at the combine.

We started a new feature on TGR with video of the week. So check that out. Also, hope you enjoyed the Purim pictures. The Steve Stone one at the end is amazing.

The poll is still going on. The top two seeds are winning big, but the other two games look to be upsets. There is about 36 hours left to vote.

Nothing too exciting to report. I started school this week so I didn't have too much time. But on a personal note, apparently my 29 year old body can still sorta (and I am being generous) hack it on the basketball court. I will be playing in a Yeshiva League All Star game this coming Saturday night.

Have a good Shabbos.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Red Sarachek Seedings Announced

Here are the seedings for the Red Sarachek High School Basketball tournament. It is an amazing event. If you are in NYC next weekend I suggest you go and watch. It is super exciting. Click HERE for the article.

Video of the Week - Foreman vs. Matisyahu

TGR is going to start bringing you a new feature. Each week (hopefully or when we want) will post a Jewish sports video of the week. We are going to make a side feature that contains a list of them all so we can begin to compile a sweet list. Our first video is from the (TGR will be featured by them soon). Check out the video below.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taylor Mays Fake 40 Yard Dash - But He Is Still Awesome

Story and video of TGR's favorite athlete Taylor Mays at the combine. Click HERE. If anyone knows him or has a connection we want to interview him badly.

Hank Rosenstein Passes Away

Hank Rosenstein who played in the first ever NBA game passed away at the age of 89. Rosenstein played for the Knicks and is a member of the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in Boca Raton. Click HERE to read more.

JNF Baseball Trip

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ESPN Fantasy Baseball Projections

Forget about who is the best Jewish baseball player out there. What matters is who is the best Jewish fantasy baseball player out there. Which Jews should you be drafting. Here are the player 2010 player pre-season player rankings from

#4 Ryan Braun- #1 Outfielder
#38 Kevin Youkilis -#9 First Baseman
#308 - Gabe Kapler
#463 - Sam Fuld
#479 - Josh Whitesell
#619 - Ike Davis
Brad Ausmus - Not Top 1000 - #259 Catchers

#105 - Scott Feldman
#182 - Jason Marquis
#205 - John Grabow
#338 - Aaron Poreda
Craig Breslow - Not Top 1000 (Seriously??)
Scott Schoeneweis - Not Top 1000

#36 - Clayton Kershaw

Happy Drafting.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Medals

Here are the Jewish Olympic medals:

Steve Meisler won a gold medal for the United States in the four-man bobsled, pushing his team to a combined time of 3:24:46 in the four-heat race.

Jewish ice dancer Charlie White claimed a silver medal in ice dancing along with partner Meryl Davis.