Sunday, January 31, 2010

Interview: Former ATPer Paul Goldstein

February is finally here. This means the Super Bowl, my sister's Bday, and interview month here at TGR. Today we kick off the month long special at TGR with an interview with former ATPer Paul Goldstein. Goldstein was on the tour for a while and played against the world's greatest. We hope you in enjoy his story. Check back Wednesday to hear about the new blog that follows DA BULLS.

How did you get started playing tennis?

I am the youngest of three brothers. They were athletic so I followed in their footsteps. I played all sorts of sports in I was younger but tennis stuck and I had success doing it. I loved the competition. Once I was out in the tennis world I figured things out myself.

What was the biggest stage you played on and biggest stakes?

I played in all four of the grand slams. My fondest memory was when I won a national championship at Stanford. We actually won four, which had never been done before. Out team had a common goal and we accomplished it.

I played [Pete] Sampras at the U.S. Open on the Stadium court. I also played against [Andre] Aggasi at the Australian Open. I reached the semi-finals at the U.S. Open in doubles.

Who was the greatest player you played against?

Played Aggasi four or 5 times faired better than I did against Sampras. I struggled against Aggasi because we are similar players he just did things better. When I played it was a close four sets. Sampras was the more accomplished tennis player. He has the best serve of all-time.

[Roger] Federor is now amazing and the best ever. But I never played against him

How high were you ranked? What was your biggest personal accomplishment on the court?

I was ranked 58th in the world, which was 4th or 5th in the US. I was ranked 40th in the world in doubles. Reaching the semi-finals of the U.S. Open in doubles was amazing. Also, making the singles 3rd round twice at Wimbledon was a great time.

Why did you retire?

I guess I never felt like I “retired” I just got a different job. I turned thirty-one and with tennis that is older because you start young. When I played I was the #1 player with a college degree. Most players don’t go to college. So I got a late start at age twenty-two. Tennis is truly a global sport and some travel so much. It is an eleven-month season. It’s a big grind. So careers short.

During all this I got married and had a child. The travel became too much.

Do you miss it?

Absolutely. I miss playing, the guys, and the competitiveness. The travel is the best and worst part of what you do. I got to play on six continents. I have friends all over the world. It was just hard with a family.

What do you do now?

I work for an alternative energy company. I really enjoy it. It was a big transition at first. The job is completely different. I commute to work every day and sit behind a desk. Both careers are very challenging but in different ways. This job has lots of growth potential.

What does your Judaism mean to you?

I grew up in a Jewish home. When I was playing I got a lot of sport culturally from the Jewish community and it was very important.

And Lets Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

A Night With Casspi


UJA Federation of Greater Toronto presents

omri casspi 
Meet the only Israeli player ever chosen in the first round of the National Basketball Association draft, rookie Omri Casspi of the Sacramento Kings!
Join us for a night of sports, games, music, entertainment,
food and fun for the entire family.

Saturday, February 6, 2010 | 7:30 p.m.TanenbaumCHAT Kimel Family Education Centre
Lebovic Campus, 9600 Bathurst Street, Vaughan

Tickets: $10 per person or
$25 per family (3 or more people living in the same household).
Kids under 3 are free.

Complimentary refreshments and snacks will be served | Kashruth observed Your chance to see the Raptors live!

Register by Wednesday, January 27, 2010,
and be entered into a draw to win Raptors tickets!
Register early. Space is limited.
Buy your tickets online now
or contact Michelle Spring at  or 416.635.2883 ext. 5685 for more information.
Calling all kids ages 7-14!
Win a chance to shoot hoops with Omri!
To be eligible, purchase tickets before January 27, 2010.
Contact Michelle Spring at to enter draw.

We hope you can join us for this uniquely entertaining evening!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Belinelli's Story

I was recently sent this story by my good friend Zeke Fraint. It is truly amazing. Click HERE to read about Marco Belinelli's family and how they helped the Jews during the Holocaust.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ausmus Stayin' Put

Brad Ausmus has re-signed with the LA Dodgers. Here is the article from the Dodgers website. Ausmus hit .295 last season while backing up Russell Martin.  His deal is 1-year  worth $850,000 with a mutual option for 2011 worth $1 million.

This season will mark a huge milestone for Ausmus because he is one game shy of Shawn Green's 1,951 games played by a Jewish ball player.

Casspi Receives His First NBA Honor

Yesterday Omri Casspi received his first honor from the NBA being named to the NBA Rookie Challenge during All Star Weekend. He will join teammate Tykere Evans, the Bulls' Taj Gibson, and several other rookies who have had a major impact in the NBA already. They will play against the best NBA sophomores including Derrick Rose, Michael Beasley, and O.J. Mayo. The game will take place February 12th in Dallas. For more information click on the articles below. Congrats to Casspi its is a nice honor and he deserves it.

Rookie Challenge CBSSportsline

Rookie Challenge Haaretz

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mad Love for Cooperstown

Thank you to Henry Bernstein for bring this to my attention. And thank you to Jeff Idelson and the Hall of Fame committee for making one of my dreams come true. Click below:


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tecmo Super Bowl's Andre Tippett

Yeah that's right the greatest game ever made! Forget Madden or EA sports. Tecmo Super Bowl was the bomb and I doubt we will ever see another football game even in its league. I mean that is how I started learning the football players names. How amazing was the Warren Moon to Haywood Jeffries combination? How unstoppable was Bo Jackson?

Another player you might remember from that game is Andre Tippet. Tippet was 5-time pro bowler for the New England Patriots who was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2008. Currently, he works as the Patriots' Executive Director of Community Affairs.

In 1997 he married his wife Rhonda Kenney and coverted to Judaism. “I wanted to keep the family as one from a religious standpoint,” Tippett said in a 1998 interview on the Web site “I thought it would be great to convert to Judaism and have a Jewish home.”

Tippett was inducted into the National Jewish Hall of Fame in 2009.

Its really cool that Tippett has converted to the Jewish team. I wouldn't mind more Hall of Famers celebrating Hanukkah with us. Imagine some of the players from Tecmo Super Bowl who could join me at my seder...Thurman Thomas, Mark Duper or even QB Eagles.

Below is a link to play Tecmo Super Bowl online. Enjoy!
Tecmo Super Bowl.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

More Casspi

CBSSportsline Casspi article click here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Kaplan's Korner's Challenges TGR

Recently I wrote an article for Oy! Chicago challenging a list that came out with which contained a list of the top ten Jews athletes. Kaplan's Korner added there list. Read below.

Note I would now like to remove Sasha Cohen from my list (after her spill) and add Igor Olshansky into the 10th spot.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Start to TGR Interview Month

Feb. 1st - Paul Goldstein

Former ATP player. Goldstein played against both Agassi and Sampras. Read what he thinks about Federer and what Goldstein is doing these days.

Other Dates:
Feb 3rd: Blogger Dave Pustilnik
Feb 7th: Cub's Sam Fuld
Feb 10th: IBL's Jason Bonder
Feb 14th: LFL's Eliese Zukelman
Feb 16th: Boxing Champ Yuri Foreman
Feb 18th: Boxer/Auther Binnie Klien
Feb 22nd: CBS Sports Jason Horowitz
Feb 25th: A's Craig Breslow

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Australian Open Update

Dudi Sela dropped his opening round match to Ivan Sergeyev. But it was close 6-3,7-6(7-3),4-6,7(10)-6(8-8).

Still alive in Women's Doubles, it has not started yet, is Shahar Peer. She will team with Galina Voskoboeva to take on the team of Voracova and Rybarikova.

Good luck to Peer.

OY! Chicago #4

My New Article on Oy! Chicago. Click HERE to read about the top current Jewish athletes.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

Kind of a quiet week here at TGR. I apologize for the lack of posts but I felt that a clarification was necessary. Below I have left a good amount of stories that happened this week. I might still comment or write about this in the coming weeks.

Karen Davidson/Detroit Pistons:

Sacha Cohen Comeback:

Australian Open Protest:

Texas Rangers Ownership:

It is like the TGR fans agreed with me on the order of stories of the decade. Sorry that Bill Davidson didn't get any votes. But the Gold Medal win was clearly a huge accomplishment for Israel and the Jews.

Coming Soon:
February is going to be interview month at TGR. Dates of these interview posts will be posted soon. Below is the list of sports figures who we have confirmed interviews with:
Sam Fuld - Chicago Cubs
Craig Breslow - Oakland Athletics
Eliese Zukelman - Tampa Breeze
Jason Horowitz - CBS Sports
Binnie Klien - Boxer and Author
Yuri Formena - Boxing Champion
Paul Goldstein - Former ATP Player
Dave Pusilnik - Bulls Blogger
Jason Bonder - Former IBL Player

Its going to be be a great month. Besides the interviews there will of course be current news including Australian Open and Olympic news.

Have a great Shabbos.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Before I begin I want to thank everyone who has been writing me. I have received a good amount of fan mail from people I do not personally know but are fans of TGR. I am finding out how much interest there is in the Jewish sports world which makes what I do so much more rewarding.

Recently, I received two very angry letters from the same person complaining about some of the athletes I have written or posted about. I tried clarifying for him what TGR was doing but this person continued to write negative things. While it is not important whoO this person is, it is important that it got me thinking.

On top of that many people have written to me about Marty Turco and his Jewish heritage. Let me first say that I do not know Mr. Turco and have not asked him about his heritage. I read an article and it seemed authentic and well done. Here is the article I will try to be in touch with the author in the coming month and get the scoop.

I have decided to clarify for my readers what my site does and is, along with how someone or something could make it onto TGR. I am going to leave this article up for about a week (with no other posts...unless its urgent) so all my readers have a chance to read this.

Before I write the criteria please note that TGR is for a mass amount of Jews. It does not reflect the my personal feelings towards who is Jewish and who isn't. As a future Conservative Rabbi I have my own beliefs about who is classified as a Jew by Jewish law. This site is for ALL Jews. It is non-denominational. Meaning I will post about Jews who have two Jewish parents, only a Jewish mother, only a Jewish father, Jews who didn't marry Jews, Jews who were born Jewish, Jews who converted to Judaism, Jews who might not recognize their Judaism, Jews who have converted out, etc. In fact I might write about people who are not Jewish but are connected to Israel or to the Jewish people in some way. I am not here being a Rabbinic authority on the issue. I am here writing about the connection of the Jewish world to the sports world.


1) Any team, player, or issue that connects or promotes Israel.

2) Any team, player, or issue that connects or promotes Judaism.

3) Any player born to one Jewish parent is a possible subject to write about. I will do my best to clarify who his only born to a Jewish father. This is not to offend people in either which way, but rather to better inform my readers of their lineage and to best serve the most amount of Jewish readers.

4) Any story that has some connection to the Jewish people, Judaism, or Jewish issues.

What Information is Credible:

1) Credible Jewish websites/organizations which include Jewish Sports Review, Jewish Hall of Fames, Jewish Federations, Maccabi Games, etc.

2) Credible Jewish writers including Kaplan's Korner,, etc.

3) First/second hand interviews, emails, and conversations. For example, Julian Edelman's college roommate was considered a second hand source.

Subjective Information:

1) If verification of someone's Jewish heritage is in question I will mark it as unconfirmed. If I feel that there is overwhelming proof I will remove the unconfirmed status.

2) I am always trying to further clarify speculation.

The Nancy Lieberman Issue:

1) What about Jews who have converted out? I am not here to pass judgment on someone's faith or commitment to the Jewish people. I am not disregarding her choice to leave the Religion/nation nor am I condoning her choice, rather I am just state her heritage.  I, in no way, agree with her life decision of converting but for the purpose of this website she is a topic worth writing about.

2) I am also not going to pass judgment on  people's practices. It would be hard to do such a thing since most, if not all, of our players and teams play on Shabbat.


1) Interviews are to be done with an assortment of Jewish people or representatives. Most interviews are done over email.

2) I will attempt to connect my readers to the greater Jewish sports world and Jewish sports figures.

The Jeremy Fine Factor:

Like all blogs there will be some bias that come out of my writings. For example, I clearly have a special place for those athletes who embrace their Judaism. I also have a passion for college sports and Chicago connections.

As a writer/blogger I am not saying you have to agree with me and I am available via email to discuss issues. I am also willing to clarify heritage and my claims. Please note that I very well could be wrong.


Once again thank you all for reading over the past 6 months. I appreciate engaging over email with all those who have written. TGR, in my opinon, has spread the passion for Jewish sports throughout the world (even if minimally). Lots of other good projects have come out of this (some of which I cannot even speak about yet) and several major Jewish figures understand more how there playing with a Jewish star on their chest invokes pride in thousands of Jews everywhere.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Marty Turco Issue

Many people have asked about Marty Turco. Here is the article I got it from. Note that the article is missing Mike Brown.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Unconfirmed

Recently, I received an email from a TGR fan named Steven Tarlow claiming Stan Van Gundy (brother of Jeff) was Jewish. Unfortunately, I could not find the appropriate confirmation. On the side panel I have other athletes who I have been unable to confirm their yiddishkite. So, I would like to use this post for the UNCONFIRMED. If you have any leads on these people please comment on this post or send me an email at I need a credible source (either way...not just wikipedia) to CONFIRM it on the blog. Below is the list:

Golf -Skip Kendall.

Wrestling - Kurt Angle, Kane (Glenn Jacobs), Giant Bernard (Albert), Kevin Nash.

Hockey - Cory Schneider.

Tennis - John Isner, Nichalos Massu.

Coaching - Adam Chaskin, John Oppenheimer, Jason Levy.

Lastly, if I am missing someone that is CURRENTLY a pro athlete or a coach in college or the pros let me know.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mock Drafting Taylor Mays

College football has come to an end. Which means two things:

1) We are proud to announce the TGR College Football Players of the Year.
2) We will following closely Taylor Mays' draft status.

Offense: Gabe Carimi - 2009 Big Ten First Team All Conference voted by the media. He is only a junior and we believe Carimi will return for his senior season. I hate the Badgers but I love Carimi. He is a monster.

Defense: Taylor Mays - Mays started the season as the nations top DB and has remained that way. He looks to be a mid first round pick. We here at TGR are awaiting your NFL debut.

Special Teams: Ryan Lichtenstein - Lichtenstein had that thrilling game winner at the beginning of the season. He went 13/17 for field goals. He also went 26/27 in extra points.

Big Congrats to the winners. Clearly, if we had to pick one it would be Mays!

CBSSportsline: Rob Rang has Mays going 16th and Chad Reuter has him going 13th, both picks are owned by the 49ers (how awesome would he be in Singletary's system)

ESPN: Ranked 18th player overall. And the highest rated DB which Todd McShay says is "No Surprise."

Mel Kiper Jr: Says Mays' stock has been dropping.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Friday, January 15, 2010

ESPN Top 10

Last night Mike Cammarelli's goal on fellow Jewish Hockey player Marty Turco was number 4 on ESPN's Top 10 plays of the day.

Shabbat Shalom

Another amazing week here at TGR. We had over 1700 hits on Sunday during Julian Edelman's first playoff game. More players still in the NFL playoffs including Dallas Cowboy's Igor Olshansky.

Also, it lots of awards given out this week.

This poll has attracted the most votes ever. Glad to see people voting. So far people agree on the moment of the decade.

TGR News:
Next week we will announce The college player of the year and begin our coverage of pre-draft news for Taylor Mays.

Coming in February we will have a handful of great interviews for you. This week we spoke with Boxing Champion Yuri Foreman and author Binnie Klein.

We continue to talk to the Maccabi Games about an exciting opportunity.

Shabbat Shalom.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Movin' His Game to Brooklyn

Meet Len Chenfeld. Chenfeld is a high school senior who made a big decision last June. Chenfeld left his cushy Upper East Side high school, Hunter College High School for Poly Prep Country Day School in Dyker Heights Brooklyn. Whats the difference between the two schools? Well, Hunter is known for sending its students to top Universities all around the country. While Poly prep has Coach Bill McNally and a top high school basketball program (Joakim Noah played there). Pol Prep has won two private school state championships and 10 league titles in the last 17 years. So, Chenfeld made the switch to work on his IQ...his basketball IQ.

Last summer, right before Chenfled left for the Maccabiah games he informed Hunter's coach of his decision. He then went on to win the silver medal at the Maccabiah games.

Chenfeld is only 5'9 and doesn't really have ambitions of playing in the NBA. But he would like to take his game to the next well, maybe at an IVY league school like Cornell or Columbia.

His move to Poly Prep has drawn some major national attention. "Jesse Shapiro, coach of Fastbreak NYC, the Amateur Athletic Union team that Len has helped take to the national tournament the past two years, called him 'hands-down the best white player, and one of the top five point guards, in the city leagues right now.' But after a wildly complimentary article about him appeared in February on Five Boro Sports, a Web site that tracks New York high school and college athletics, Len was denounced on blogs as “the most overrated player ever,' and was warned that nobody would ever 'take him seriously playing at Hunter College High School,' which was further ridiculed as being in a “cupcake league.' 'You start to read that stuff and it makes you think, ‘Am I overrated? Am I over-hyped?’ ' he said. “I know I wasn’t a big name in New York City basketball, but it’s a little shocking that anybody would care that much to write that stuff about me when they probably haven’t even seen me play. If I’m not worth it, then don’t post it.' - The New York Times Company

Regardless of what people are saying, Chenfeld has become a nationally known basketball player and for that we hear at TGR wish him congrats and good luck.

Below is a highlight video of Chenfeld from his Sophomore year at Hunter (note I play on that court all the time).

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Help Make Casspi an All Star

Omri Casspi is having a good season...not an All Star season. But there is a group who made a website devoted to getting Casspi into the All Star game. The website is here. Click away.

Youkilis Named Player of the Decade

Thanks to Howie Labow for sending this in.

According to Kevin Youkilis has been name Jewish player of the decade. Check out the new Youkilis Tshirt on the right side of the site.

Monday, January 11, 2010

10,000,000 to 1

Saturday Ben Gordon (formerly Ben "Air" Gordon) scored the NBA's 10 millionth point. For some reason this total obscure and pointless fact has been on a ton of websites including ESPN and CBSSportsline.

Gordon is now officially linked to none other than...wait for it....Ossie Schectman. Who was Ossie Schectman? Well besides being a Jewish basketball player he holds the honor of scoring the NBA's first point ever.

Schectman started off playing in the ABL. He played for the Sphas (which stood for the South Philadelphia Hebrew Association) and in 1942-43 won the league championship. That season Schectman was second in the league in scoring with 10.5ppg (Omri Casspi would dominate him). Four years later his team joined the BAA (Basketball Association of America) which preceded the NBA. Schectman became a player for the New York Knickerbockers. The leagues first game pitted the Knickerbockers vs. the Toronto Huskies. It was in that game that Schectman scored the league's first points.

So while Gordon's 10 millionth point has no relevance to really anything and will be forgotten at 15 or 20 million...Schectman's first bucket is forever an important part of NBA history.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pearl On Top

In the clash of the two coaches who have screwed over the Illini the most, Bruce Pearl and his troubled Tennessee Volunteers upset #1 Kansas Jayhawks. In the game Bruce's son Steven played 10 minutes grabbing 3 rebounds and dishing out 1 assist. Congrats to the Pearls.

Also....side note....TGR had over 1,700 viewers yesterday. Keep spreading the word.

Edelman In Game Update - Final

The Patriots lost 33-14 but Edelman had a solid game snatching 6 balls for 44 yards and two scores. Check back this week for College Football player of the year and soon NFL player of the year.

Also, Igor Olshansky  (Cowboys) and David Binn (Chargers) both are expected to play next week.

Fantasy Football WInner

Congrats to Henry Bernstein on winning our  fantasy football league! Great job buddy!

Edelman In Game Update 2

Edelman's fifth catch of the game was for his second TD. The Patriots still aren't looking good but Edelman sure is.

Edelman In Game Update

Julian Edelman just scored a touchdown from 6 yards out. That is his second catch of the game. But the Patriots trail the Ravens 24-7.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who Has The Right To Decide?

Andre "The Hawk" Dawson got into the Hall of Fame. Deserving for sure. But as a White Sox fan it is my duty to hope and pray that he does not go into the Hall as a Cub. When Sa&%^erg got in it was one of the worst days of my life. But I guess sometimes the HoF needs to recognize mediocrity.

Dawson's situation is a little different than Sa&%^erg's because he played for three teams. Whiles Sa&%^erg started with the Phillies there was little chance of him going in wearing a Maroon cap. Dawson played 10 years and won the NL rookie of the year award with the Montreal Expos. Then he played 6 years with the Cubs where he won his MVP award. He rounded out his career with the Red Sox and Marlins. The way I see it the Red Sox are a for sure no. The Marlins have an outside shot because they have no one else in the Hall of Fame and this would give them one player. He also lives in Florida. But it is really down the the Expos and Cubs. Obviously, I want him in as an Expo because I hate the Cubs. But the reason I think he will go in as an Expo is because otherwise Gary Carter will be and remain the only member of the Expos ever to be inducted. Also, he played four more seasons in Canada. The big advantage the Cubs have are Dawson's MVP year and because well...they are the Cubs and they get everything they want (still not sure how they unloaded Milton Bradley or traded nothing - in division -for Aramis Rameriz/Randal Simon).

So how is this Jewish you ask?

Because the decision of which team hat Dawson wears into the HoF is not up to Dawson or the teams. It is up to the HoF committee which is led by President Jeff Idelson (who is believed to be Jewish...not 100% - information obtained from honors he has been given through the Jewish community).  Idelson had this to say on the topic:

"'Despite the near life-sized poster of Dawson in an Expos uniform next to the dais, Hall president Jeff Idelson said no decision has been made.' 'At the end of the day you want the logo to represent where this guy made his greatest impact," Idelson said. "He was impactful in Montreal. He was impactful in Chicago, and to a much lesser extent Boston and Florida, but it's more of a case sitting down and collectively make a decision.'" 

So a big decision will be made soon. One which could really change my mood for a while. Here is to the Expos RIP. Let's win one more.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Friday, January 8, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

10,000!!! Really an amazing week. The most amazing thing about the 10,000 is that we are almost at 11,000. Basically 1,000 hits this week. Not sure who got the word out, but its been really cool. And its getting better. I can't confirm some of the interviews in the works but the month of February should be filled with some major interviews with some big time Jewish sports figures. Once names are confirmed we will post them so people know.

If you didn't read about the 95 year old women, you should. Its an amazing story about hanging in there and getting what you deserve.

There has been a ton of articles and stories in the news recently. We will try to bring them to you. We are very backed up.

Poll Results:
Thus far looks like the nation agrees with me and Israel winning its first gold medeal was the story of the decade.

TGR News:
Once again February is shaping up to have a bunch of really cool interviews. I am still trying to work with Maccabi on making something cool happen. I have also started to look inot a project with Sam Fuld that Cubs fans would enjoy. By the way I really hope Dawson goes in as an Expo. More on that later.

Thanks again for making 10,000 possible. Thanks for emailing about the Tshirts. I am leaving with a video from my good buddy Josh Taff whose far is in the background of this Omri Casspi video holding up a flag. Enjoy.

Shabbat Shalom.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Edleman To Start

According to CBSSportsline Edelman will indeed start in place of the injured Wes Welker.

" And that New England team had Wes Welker. He had only six catches for 48 yards that day, but his play in the middle of the field is important against a team like the Ravens. With all the blitzing the Ravens do, Tom Brady has to get the ball off. That usually means Welker. Without Welker in the lineup, Julian Edelman, a rookie, will assume that role. That can be tough. Reading the coverage is tough for a rookie receiver"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

College BBall Update

Jon Scheyer made his homecoming to Chicagoo Wednesday. He celebrated by scoring 31 points as Duke defeated Iowa State.


Below is a video of Bruce Pearl addressing his situation at Tennessee with 4 arrested players.

95 and Jumpin'

On November 24th 2009 the New York Post ran an article about a 95 year old Jewish woman. This women was a former high jumper who set the German record 73 years ago. Unfortunately, the Germans would not allow the record to stand because she was a Jew.

Now Margaret Lambert, formerly known as Gretel Bergmann, set the German high-jump mark of 5 feet, 3 inches on June 30, 1936.

At the time she was the only Jew in the Olympics but she was merely a "political pawn by Adolf Hitler". - continued, "The German government discovered Bergmann's talent after she won the 1934 British high-jump championships while attending school in England. The Nazis forced her to return to Germany by threatening to harm her family if she didn't join the Olympic squad. 'I didn't know if they would kill me. I didn't know what they would do,' she said. But Lambert knew that she would never be allowed to compete in the Olympics. At the time, the Germans were putting Jews on their teams to appease Americans who were threatening a boycott. The Nazi government pulled her off the squad at the last minute".

We here at TGR are so proud of and happy for Margaret Lambert. Well deserved!
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine
Picture by: Associated Press


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welker Out - Edelman In?

There are rumors circulating that Julian Edelman will start this Sunday for the New England Patriots in place of injured Wes Welker. Once we have confirmation we will pass it along.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 New Shirts

TGR launched 2 new shirts today. Youkilis and Casspi fans enjoy.

Winner - Andrew Werpin

Thanks to all those who emailed TGR. Our winner of the free TShirt is Andrew Werpin. Congrats.

Farmar and Landesberg's Big Nights

Sunday the Lakers whooped the Mavs. But they weren't led by Bryant, Odom, Gasol, or Artest. Instead it was Jordan Farmar's night to shine. Farmar came off the bench to score 24 points (which tied a career high). He went 8/14 from the field.

This victory was huge for the defending champions as they beat the second best team in the West (behind themselves). It showed their league dominance. Congrats to Farmar, but you are still only the second best Jewish player in the NBA.
On Dec 29th Sylven Ladnesberg and Virginia upset #24 UAB. Landesberg dropped 19 points, grabbbed 6 rebounds, and dished out 4 assists. Landesberg is pushing Jon Scheyer, Bryan Cohen, Jared Mintz, Brett Harvey, Dane Diliegro, Derek Glasser, and Jake Cohen for player of the year.

Monday, January 4, 2010

10,000 Hits and a Free Tshirt

I didn't think we would get there but TGR has passed the 10,000 hits mark!!! Thanks to everyone for reading. In honor of this accomplishment I am giving away a free TGR Tshirt of the person's choice to the 10th email I receive at Email away and stay tune for some other big announcements in the coming week.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Added to the NCAA List

So...we here at TGR found a bunch more D1 basketball players. We wanted to share them with you. Tomorrow we will have a complete list (to our knowledge). We will add a category on the side of the blog so you can have a full list in one place. Lots of good and young players here. Enjoy!

Josh Bartelstein (walk-on from Highland Park IL) is a Freshman at Michigan. He has no stats for the Wolverines.

Carmel Bouchman is a freshman forward at Temple. He is averaging less than a point a game for the Owls. Bouchman is from Tel Aviv.

Adam Carp is a junior that plays for the Nevada Wolf Pack. He is averaging just under a point and a rebound a game.

Peter Edelson is a freshman guard at Harvard with no real stats.

Ben Eisenhardt is a freshman 6-10 forward playing Cal Poly Mustangs with no real stats.

Zach Evans is playing with Bryan Cohen for the Bucknell Bison. He is a senior forward with no real stats.

Zach Gordan transferred from Yeshiva University to Penn and is averaging 1ppg for the Quakers. He is junior forward who sat at last season.

Michael Gruner is a senior guard at Lafayette. He is averging 7.4ppg and 2.8apg for the Leopards.

Tal Halpern is a freshman forward at Brown. He is averaging 6.7ppg for the Bears.

Jessee Hazley is a freshman for the UC Riverside Highlanders. We believe he is red-shirting.

Reed Kamler is a freshman guard for the Pacfic Tigers with no real stats.

Brian Katz plays for the Yale Bulldogs and has played a minimal amount. He is a sophomore guard.

Sylven Landesberg is a sophomore guard at Virginia. He is averaging 15.9ppg and 5.3rpg for the Cavaliers (can't believe we missed this bad).

Corbin Moore is a sophomore center at Pepperdin. He is averaging 3.2ppg and 3.7rpg for the Waves.

Brandon Reese is a sophomore guard at Syracuse who has not seen too much action for the Orangemen.

Matt Shamis is a senior guard who plays for the Lehigh Mountain Hawks. He has not contributed too much but played with Jon Scheyer at GBN in IL.

And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Casspi vs. Farmar on Shabbos 1/2/2010

The two best Jewish basketball players in the NBA (and only) went head to head Friday night. Farmar and the Lakers got the win thanks to a last second 3-pointer. But the individual numbers were in favor of the "King of Israel" Mr. Omri Casspi.

Casspi, who started, played 41 minutes, 23 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. He also had 1 steal and was perfect from the free throw line.

Farmar came off the bench to play 19 minutes. He contributed 2 points and 2 assists.

Great game to watch. Too bad I missed it due to Shabbos (and being in Israel of course).

Friday, January 1, 2010

Top 10 Current Pro Jewish Athletes

My Oy! Chicago article below:

Recently, in honor of Hanukkah ran an article about the top ten current professional Jewish athletes. We highly disagreed with their assessment. So, we moved around people and shuffled in a few of our own.'s Choices.
10) Jordan Farmar - Backup Point Guard Los Angeles Lakers.
9) Marty Turco - Goalie Dallas Stars
8) Sue Bird - Starting Point Guard Seattle Storm
7) Kane - WWE Wrestler
6) Jason Lezak - Olympic Swimmer
5) Ian Kinsler - Starting Second Baseman Texas Rangers
4) Igor Olshansky - Starting Defensive Lineman Dallas Cowboys
3) Kevin Youkilis - Starting First/Third Baseman Boston Red Sox
2) Mike Cammalleri - Starting Left Wing Montreal Canadians
1) Ryan Braun - Starting Left Fielder Milwaukee Brewers

So we decided to give you our own list. We based our decision on how much these players have excelled in their respective sport. We included Yuri Foreman, Omri Casspi, Andy Ram, and Sacha Cohen. All who we thought were more deserving than Igor Olshansky, Jordan Farmar, Kane, and Marty Turco. Players who just missed the cut were Olshansky, Julian Edelman, Scott Feldman, Turco, Shahar Peer, and Farmar. Also, note that players with one Jewish parent count on both lists. Enjoy!

10) Yuri Foreman - World Boxing Association Super welterweight Champion
9) Sasha Cohen - Olympic Gold Medal Skater
8) Jason Lezak - Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer
7) Sue Bird - Starting Guard Seattle Storm
6) Andy Ram - 9th Ranked Doubles Player. 5th Ranked in Team Doubles.
5) Ian Kinsler - Starting Second Baseman Texas Rangers.
4) Omri Casspi - Starting Forward Sacramento Kings
3) Mike Cammalleri - Starting Left Wing Montreal Canadians
2) Ryan Braun - Starting Left Fielder Milwaukee Brewers
1) Kevin Youkilis - Starting First/Third Baseman Boston Red Sox

Let us know what you think.
And Let Us Say...Amen.
-Jeremy Fine

For more on top Jewish athletes check out

Top 7 Jewish Sports Stories of the Decade - #1

What could story #1 be? We have gone through baseball, basketball, hockey, wrestling and even swimming. And this story I bet is a sport that very few people even care about. No, I am not talking about soccer. To get a better sense of what I am talking about watching this video.

Yes, in the sport of windsurfing in the 2004 Olympics, Gal Fridman won Israel's first gold medal. The video gives me chills. From the excitement of the announcers, to the crowd, to the Hatikvah. This gold medal is a defining moment in the world of Jewish sports. For a moment in time, Israel was on time of the sporting world. No one in the world was better than Gal Fridman. It was not up for debate like who is better Sandy Koufax or Bob Gibson. Israel, the Jews, had the best windsurfer in the world. Period.

But winning the gold does so much more than a Shawn Green day off or a gold medal from Jason Lezak. It shows the world that Israel is thriving and normal. That people in Israel are not just Yeshiva students and soldiers, they are also athletes.

So Gal Fridman is the story of the decade.

I am sure the next decade will bring even more great stories. Maybe a defensive MVP from Taylor Mays or a home run title from Ryan Braun or maybe a smaller sports star will make headliness again. We here at TGR plan on bringing you those stories.

We hoped you had a Happy Hanukkah. Enjoyed the secular New Year and if you are in Israel that you lived it up on Sylvester.

And Let Us Say...Amen.

More Jewish Movement

Another Jewish baseball player changed teams this week. So far, Jason Marquis, Ryan Sadowski, and Aaron Peroda (end of the season) have changed teams. John Grabow and Gabe Kapler re-signed with their respective teams. Brad Ausmus is still contemplating retirement.

This time it was Josh Whitesell who signed a minor league contract with the team that drafted him, the Washington Nationals (well they were the Montreal Expos at the time). He joins Jason Marquis on the Nationals, who have had a busy off-season. Whitesell hopes to catch on with the major league team. For more information click here.